Eagle/Caliente, Video

The video on this page shows portions of the Eagle/Caliente removal operation (specifically from the Caliente HA. Observations from the Eagle portion can be seen HERE). You can read about the entire operation here

CalienteT2D1026 - 1

Caliente portion of the Eagle/Caliente 2016

There is nothing more contentious in the wild horse and burro program than a removal. Often they are done with little real justification supported in a basis of factual conservation of the herds and the resources they rely on. This video is not that conversation.

For years Wild Horse Education (WHE), through the work of our founder, has been addressing access issues and a humane handling policy when/if capture is used. Leigh is the only person to have travelled, witnessed and brought to court multiple grievances. The attention brought through media and successful litigation has created both an access protocol and humane policy (both in their infancy).

Because Leigh openly and publicly recognized the progress many have attacked her for it. “I always find it really sad that those that profit from a problem would rather perpetuate it than recognize progress. The fastest way to destroy progress it to fail to recognize it. We have a long way to go to get fair and equitable management based on a scientific equation on the range, but if we recognize every step we have a better chance to reach the destination. I know how to use a map.You need to know where you stand and watch every landmark.”

The video shows the basic mechanics of a roundup and highlights an extraordinary wild horse. A beautiful white horse makes an amazing escape, up a cliff face. She is still out on the range. Wild horses taken from this operation are available for adoption at the Axtell facility. (The comment “you can watch horses think as they move” because a common question Leigh receives is “how do you always know where to put the camera?” The question is often asked by others attending removals that do not catch the “shot” at removals. She always responds “the horses tell you.”)

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Added video from Owyhee 2012, one of our legal actions against inappropriate handling. Many people are NOT understanding how big it is to have a handling policy. For decades handling of wild horses was a rallying cry, but nobody did much of anything. BLM did not change.  WHE took it to court. It makes us “less than popular” with a lot of people.

additional discussion: Flanigan (2012). I attended one day of operations because I was in court on Triple B (2011, horse hit with helicopter).

Some discussions you can be patient having. Some you can not. The discussion on humane care was not a patient moment. It needed a few good hard kicks.

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