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Caliente (Day 3 Eagle/Caliente)

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Caliente HA, of note body condition overall is lower than the Eagle HMA portion. Temperature was higher than yesterday and no animals hit the trap lathered, slick or even sweaty. (Contractor is actually using sound in an interesting way and we will write more about it when there is down time).

Day one and two the Bureau of Land Management removed 48 wild horses from an area in proximity to highway 93 near Pioche. Read details of proposed operation here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/2016/02/04/blm-emergency-roundup-in-nv/ Slideshow of Pioche (Eagle HMA, Herd Management Area), portion here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/2016/02/09/eaglecaliente-update-slideshow/

Of note is that body condition overall is noticeably lower than the Eagle portion. Operations continue to show attention to maintaining a calm controlled environment.

Operations continue tomorrow.

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When operations cease WHE will begin to do a sweep of several HMAs. Coming out of winter there is always an expectation of lower body condition. However there has been significant drought in the last four years increasing concerns. We will update you as we move into spring.

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