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Celebrating Patriotism (Grass March, part 3)

Update on Grass March: As a wild horse advocacy organization we address multiple issues that affect management practices. Make no mistake part of the agenda of this “machine” is to disenfranchise wild horses. The petition this “march” carried to DC last year was very clear; wild horses need to be removed and even destroyed.

As Presidential candidates declare themselves please become increasingly aware of any for support a “states right” platform. Those individuals are playing on the tensions surrounding Cliven Bundy and the Grass March to appear concerned about the “little guy.” In truth they are supporting a very powerful, well funded, agenda aimed at giving over YOUR federal resources to states that aim to sell off to private profiteers. Make no mistake, this will hurt wild horses.

In 1971 a law was passed giving over jurisdiction to the federal government. That law was hard won in a battle lasting nearly 20 years by people like Velma Johnston (“Wild Horse Annie”). The law was a necessity because horses on public land were simply seen as a resource and sold off for slaughter, chicken feed and fertilizer. The brutal practice was known as “mustanging.” The resumption of this practice is a part of this agenda.

Today the NY Times published an article (linked in body of content) on the “Grass March.” This post is in response.

Celebrating Patriotism

This weekend American’s will gather family and friends to wave the American flag, picnic, cook out and watch fireworks. Often the concept of the holiday is lost. Celebrated officially since 1941, the holiday is intended to celebrate the birth of the Constitution and Independence from British control. http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/july-4th An opportunity to celebrate “patriotism.” Patriotism extends far beyond the signing of the Constitution.

1.devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.
A resilient survivor, symbol of freedom, the American Mustang

A resilient survivor, symbol of freedom, the American Mustang

The American mustang is a living symbol of what we once thought of ourselves as “American’s,” resilient survivors that not only overcome harsh conditions, but thrive in them. Tough, family oriented beings that run “free,” our wild horses still evoke a devotion to the premise of “freedom.” The preservation of the wild horse, on whose back our country was built, is the core purpose of Wild Horse Education.
Yet in order to preserve and protect our symbol of freedom we must remain engaged in the reality of the political field and the realities of the range. The state of Nevada is the heart of “wild horse country,” with more wild horses still living in the state than all others combined. In Nevada the political field is almost as “hot” as the range. Yet the political field all across the west is overriding the realities of the range.
Family band of wild horses on trail leading out of HMA and into the

Family band of wild horses on trail leading out of HMA and into the “danger zone,” off their designated range, for water in drought.

Today the NY Times ran an article that essentially outlines the fight by a handful of ranching families in the Battle Mountain district of Nevada, those of the “Argenta” allotments, to assert their “right to graze” over the rights of the rest of American’s to have their public land managed for preservation of public resource. The article simply glazes over the environment of constant harassment of federal employees (including the “witch hunt” against the district manager, Doug Furtado) that are simply trying to do their jobs to protect public resources. Instead of going into any depth on the political nightmare, we once again have a “poor rancher” story that alludes to the truth of the “bully system.” A bunch of romanticized photos of “rancher life” accompany the piece. These ranchers began the “Grass March.” You can read the NY Times HERE.
Anyone following the developments of this story are overly aware of intervention by state Senators and local politicians on behalf of ranching families.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” ~ Franklin Roosevelt.
At WHE we wish these words by a great American were more alive today in federal authorities when dealing with those that tromp over the rights of others. In the case of the Argenta allotments, an IBLA Judge held up the closure decision in the courts. (READ MORE HERE) The BLM and the National Riparian services team “worked” with these permittees, that illegally turned out livestock during negotiations, to “smooth over” any potential confrontation. It sets a very bad example in how to “negotiate” with federal authority.
WHE has had conversations with political representatives on issues surrounding the controversy at Fish Creek. These representatives appear to be unable to perceive the reality of the range and any interest other than the “good old boy.”
The release of wild horses back to Fish Creek has crossed over into the

The release of wild horses back to Fish Creek has crossed over into the “Grass March.” We are still fighting to keep them free.

“I am often asked what do I see coming,” said WHE President Laura Leigh “I answer I will be documenting dead wild horses and wildlife soon if we can not get over grazing by domestic livestock under control. Beef prices are at an all time high and the push to reap a profit over rangeland health is going to have devastating consequence. Wild horse deaths will be spun by the livestock industry to support their position that wild horses are to blame for every ill known to man. Things must change now.” (Take ACTION HERE against over grazing by livestock on public land)

“Grass March,” Bundy Bunch or the NV State Legislature. They all sing the same song.

As you celebrate this weekend contemplate patriotism. As American’s we once stood on our own soil against a small faction that reaped a huge benefit off the back of the tax payer. We stand at that time now. Do not let media hype sway you into following false premises. .

Since the time of the signing of our Declaration of Independence many great American’s defended the ideals outlined by our forefathers.

At WHE we echo the words of one such American: 

“Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.” ~ George S. Patton, Jr.

Have a safe, happy fourth of July… and remember that fireworks can upset pets. They can also be very upsetting to many that have served our country in war. Please be responsible.

Stallion and his family free on the range. Join us to fight to keep them safe and free!

Stallion and his family free on the range. Join us to fight to keep them safe and free!

This is “our” America. All voices must be heard.


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