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Letters From America (Grass March Part 2)

WHE is documenting range and herd health in areas of escalating conditions 2015 heavily used by domestic livestock.

WHE is documenting range and herd health in areas of escalating conditions 2015 heavily used by domestic livestock.

The “Grass March” is essentially a movement by a very small faction of the American public. Viewing themselves as “feeding the nation,” when less than 4% of beef utilized in industry comes from public land, they continue in their quest on a foundation built on self interest. Please read here for the first in this series on the attempt of the Grass March to move their agenda forward this year http://wildhorseeducation.org/2015/05/16/not-over-my-wild-horses-grass-march-part-1/

“Grass March,” Bundy Bunch or the NV State Legislature. They all sing the same song.

Wild Horse Education (WHE) has been collecting letters from the public. The letters are printed and added to a packet we will be delivering. You can still add your comment if you click on the link noted above.

In any process that involves management of public lands the broad interests of the American public are to be served. This is clearly outlined under law. Our public lands are not to be managed simply for economic output, particularly an output that benefits only a select few.

Often these interests have the ear of local politicians. As a vocal minority, that is often feared due to historic bullying, this handful of interests gains ground under pressure. The voices of other American’s lost under chest beating and threats.

We are publishing these for you to view at this time because it appears the “Grass March” is trying to bend, break and otherwise corrupt process once more. During negotiations they are turning out livestock. This is not a “good faith” effort at “working out issues.”

Presented below are just a handful of the “Letters from America” we have received (WHE will identify the letters only by zip code. If you see your letter and desire that your name be added, simply drop us an email with “add my name” in the subject line). We included a long letter from advocate Elyse Gardner on our “Letters from America” link in the menu bar.

Zip Code 07006

Yes, I want to “empower”  to remove abusive federal employees – but not those with the balls to protect public land from abusive practices.

Zip Code 89436

The Grass March, aiming to misinform the American public and garner support for an eclipsed industry that refuses to compete on a level playing field, is just the kind of dishonest tactic you’d expect from a group that is feeling threatened by increasing public awareness that public lands are being exploited for the benefit of a few economic interests that will sacrifice the real assets of our open range for their own short-term economic gain. A balanced, thriving ecosystem, where all life forms are respected and valued for their contributions is increasingly the vision that the American public embraces. Wild horses and burros are a part of that vision, free-ranging and contributing to a healthy, vibrant and diverse range, the antithesis of the mono-culture, based on grazing cattle primarily, that ranchers such as those who conceived the Grass March, would brings us for their own profit and at great loss to the public and the wild things that grace wild places.

Zip Code 98365

“Prioritizing public land ranching over wildlife, wild horses and range health is not what I want for America !”

Zip Code 89316

Prioritizing public land ranching over wildlife, wild horses and range health is not what you want as an American. Range health should be a priority for public lands. As a land owner in Nevada, I see how devastated the rangeland is. The creek that runs through my property is so polluted from cattle. The cattle roam through my property, and cause destruction of everything in their path. I see no evidence of destruction from ANY wild animal. I believe if the health of the range is restored, then the land can sustain the wildlife, including horses, and birds with no problem.

Zip Code 54547

There is no doubt that cattle/sheep in such large numbers are destroying the public lands that should be protected for generations to come. There is no doubt that equines do not destroy the range and are actually useful in reseeding it. I do not want my tax dollars used to provide equine removals and cheap land leases to western ranchers and oil/gas interests. I want my tax dollars used to protect wildlife, including wild horses and burros. I want to visit public land as a tourist and see it used for recreational uses, not used to provide profit for ranchers and corporations.

Zip Code 91342

Prioritizing public land ranching over wildlife, wild horses and range health is not what I want as an American. It is more than past time that BLM begins to recognize that public land is to be managed “for the public good and public interest.” That does not mean unconscionable giveaways to the cattle, agriculture and oil industries. The authority to do this simple job is readily available yet is used by BLM so infrequently, that when it actually is employed the backlash is extreme. Just start doing the right thing now and keep it consistent. It’s the only way these ranges will survive as viable ecosystems.

Zip Code 44826

To whom this may concern, prioritizing public land for ranching over wildlife, wild horses and range health is not what I want as an American tax paying citizen. It is more than past time that BLM west wide begin to recognize that public land is to be managed “for the public good and public interests.” Please use your authority to protect our public lands, wildlife, and wild horses.

Zip Code 91709

Public lands should be managed so as to protect the wildlife not for private livestock grazing. It is time the BLM manages the land in a balanced manner that does not favor private grazing leases. Wild horses and free ranging burros should have ranges that are larger than 11%, while livestock grazing is over 60%. Wild horses and burros should not be rounded up (especially by helicopters) but their numbers should be managed by using a birth control contraceptive. In this time of drought cattle numbers need to be drastically reduced on public lands because they over graze the land and foul water that all wild animal life need to survive. Letting a very small segment of society bully the BLM and to ruthlessly diminish wild horse and burro numbers is wrong and smacks of corruption. These ranchers sell the meat that these cattle provide overseas at a great profit while paying well below the market grazing fees. These are not small family ranchers looking to make ends meet, these are people that can well afford to graze their own cattle on their own land. Please bring balance into the management of our, the tax payers, land.

Zip Code 15001

Horse’s are not destructive and over populated. I grew up with horse’s, cattle and sheep. It’s fact that cattle and sheep are more destructive then horse’s and burros that is one the reason my family sold off are cattle and sheep. Horse’s are not the villains. People and ranchers are villains. History hasn’t changed. With Ranchers their are always victims for those who stand in their way. I don’t appreciate my tax dollars spent on roundups and subsidies that Ranchers receive and do they think those dollars come from us the American taxpayer’s. Ranchers are nothing but liars and will resort to anything to get want they want.

Zip Code 60657

I am writing today to express my continued dismay and disgust for the general attitude from those in the West that are supporting this “Grass March” propaganda. I would really like an explanation of why this group of subsidized ranchers, feel that they are entitled to MORE subsidies than they already receive, and why they feel that they are superior to the rest of us Americans….remember us, the Americans that pay for them to make money…the Americans’ rights who these people are intent on trampling. What has made this group of people so entitled? And what has made them think that our public land is their right? It is NOT their right, public lands ranching is a privilege and one that has long been abused. Why is it fair to make the American public pay for these ranchers to graze our land – everyone knows they do NOT feed our country, their product is for export. And let me also add, I have to laugh when I hear these people criticize the East – and that the East “knows nothing” – oh! you mean that same East where Wall Street is that makes it so you can export your product? That same East where cattleman and farmers PAY THEIR WAY! That East? How about these ranchers from the West come to the East and pay full price, maybe then they will appreciate what they have been GIVEN. The American public does not answer to the ranching West – they answer to us. And lastly, our wild horses and burros, are greatly appreciated by the American public – we want THEM on our land, not millions of cattle and sheep that are bleeding our public lands dry and destroying our environment. If you want to raise beef- buy your own property- pay full price – and leave or wild horses and burros alone, they belong there – your dirty and land contaminating cattle and sheep do not.

Zip Code 80027

To the Bureau of Land Management and Congress: I am outraged over the Grass March. Prioritizing public land ranching over wildlife, wild horses and range health is not what I want as an American. It is more than past time that BLM west wide begin to recognize that public land is to be managed “for the public good and public interest.”

Zip Code 95821

Attn: Congressional Representatives Interior Secretary Sally Jewell Bureau of Land Management As our Public Lands and wildlife continue to suffer from over grazing and drought the propaganda train from self entitled ranchers is reaching new levels of lies and distorted truth. The Grass March and it’s followers are continuing to make unjustified claims and demands that the majority of the American public objects to. These ranchers are being subsidized on the backs of American tax payers and their attempt to control public land is insulting and appalling. These people are not patriots they are destroying our land and wildlife and continue to blame wild horses for range degradation, it’s simply not true! Please stop prioritizing public land ranching over wildlife, especially the wild horses and burros. The time has come to stop catering to the lies and start listening to sound science and manage public land for all Americans and not just special interest groups.

Zip Code 43481

I support the protection and preservation of public land and all of the wildlife rightfully within it. I am firmly against the Grass March Agenda and everything it represents. Please support America’s public land treasures not a few businesses that are losing public support.

Zip Code 60193

I am outraged at the at the intentions of prioritizing public land ranching over wildlife, wild horses and the health of the range. Our public lands is to be managed for the public interest and public land ranching will eventually wipe those out. This is appalling and unjust and must not be allowed. The range is important and our wildlife struggles desperately now. Leave the public lands as they are intended.

Zip Code 13865

Public land (OUR public land) should be managed for the public good & the public’s interests. At the present time, that is not happening. The whole “grass march” propaganda is meant to con the American public into thinking that these people are the last remaining “cowboys” in the West! What they want to happen is: rid our public lands of the remaining wild horses & burros, take away the protection that the Endangered Species Act provides for sage grouse, wolves, mountain lions – any predators that can do harm to THEIR CATTLE! They have already pretty much eradicated predators in the West – which of course means that there is no natural management for not only the wild horses & burros, but the elk, antelope, bighorns, any prey animals that are left on the public land. Without that, the herds grow. Of course, with elk, antelope, & bighorn sheep – there are the hunters to “manage” the herds. Big money there, as well as the cheap grazing that comes along with the allotments – not to mention using these allotments for collateral for loans. And when a BLM district manager attempts to reduce grazing on OUR public land – he is accused of “abuse by a federal employee”? This is what these federal employees SHOULD be doing – protecting the public land from these abusers! Grass March? How ridiculous is that when these “marchers” are the ones abusing the range & having a hissy fit when they are prevented from doing just that?

Zip Code 20904

I am beyond disgusted by the ‘Grass March’ group. I am appalled that Civil Servants (Eureka commissioners) would participate in such a stunt. While these individuals may lead myopic lives and not care about what goes on in the rest of the world, I do and especially when it comes to federal PUBLIC LANDS. I am profoundly outraged at their efforts to have certain native wildlife removed and destroyed (wild horses and burros) or prohibited protection (Sage grouse). Personally, I would like to see all ‘welfare ranchers’ using federal lands be kicked off immediately. They are ruining the land for all wildlife and citizens. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to view photographs of land livestock has grazed and see the damage. They are parasites on the teat of the American taxpayer. I suspect many are large land owners in the State of Nevada, but have leased their lands for use other than grazing cattle and making healthy kickbacks from this. And to learn that they are paying below market price for grazing cattle on Federal land??? And getting top dollar for their meat sales? Hell no! KICK THE BUMS OFF!

Zip Code 08012

Prioritizing public land ranching over wildlife, wild horses and range health is not what we want as an Americans. Most Americans are against the blatant disregard for our wild horses and burros and other endangered animals such as the sage grouse, for the sake of supporting ranchers who abuse our public lands and encourage entitlement behaviors. When things don’t go their way, they take matters (and weapons) into their own hands and bully their way. It is more than past time that BLM west wide begin to recognize that public land is to be managed “for the public good and public interest.” This is not a dictatorship nor is it the OK Corral. The will and voices of the MAJORITY of the PEOPLE should take precedence over ranchers who have come to expect they should be permitted to do what they want and take what they want whenever they want, and have the right to send all wildlife to slaughter for the sake of their profits being made on the backs of American taxpayers, all while destinations our national public lands. Who cares about tomorrow, right? Let me make my money today. It’s not about taking what they perceive as their “right”. It’s about regulating what has really been their PRIVILEGE, at the generosity of the American public. It has to stop. Thank you.

Zip Code 76044

Our Wild horses are our heritage. I am a tax payer and our public lands belong to all of us not just a small amount of Ranchers that are making money off our lands and who have incentive to rid our lands of Wild horses and Wildlife. Cattle and Sheep are destroying our lands. They are being over grazed and are destroying vegetation and polluting our waters. Keep Wild horses and Wildlife on our lands and restrict or decrease cattle and sheep grazing. Prioritizing public land ranching over wildlife, wild horses and range health is not what I want as an American.

Zip Code 75418

The idea that public lands are there for the use of welfare ranchers boggles the mind. Public lands were set aside to allow future generations of Americans a small glimpse into what the West was like when pioneers first laid eyes on it. The wild horses and burros that roam this land are an iconic symbol of the settlement of the West. There are few enough of these special animals left and they are out numbered 50 to 1 by livestock owned by private parties that graze and destroy these public lands. It is time to take a stand against the evils perpetuated against the environment and these iconic animals by those with a vested interest in continuing the grazing of privately owned livestock. It is time to protect our public lands and the creatures who have the most right to be allowed on them. Stop the roundups and stop the allowing of ruinous overgrazing by cattle. Take a stand for what is right. Listen to the voice of the American people.

Zip Code 87505

The Taylor Grazing Act was instituted in the 1930’s because of over-grazing by cattle back then. The over-grazing scenario continues, 80 years later. In 1991 GAO released BLMs Hot Desert Rangeland Management Report: a negative assessment of livestock grazing in ‘hot desert’ areas in Arizona, Nevada, and New … report Rangeland Management: BLM’s Hot Desert Grazing Program Merits Reconsideration (GAO/RCED-92-12),.. Which recommended a Halt of cattle Grazing in the SW Hot Desert Regions. Here we are 23 years later with the range in further decline and Ranchers demanding more, in-spite of worsening drought. This is a curse on further generations of Americans who will find the SW trampled to dust as desertification takes over a once beautiful but fragile land. The time has come and gone. Remove privately-owned cattle from our Public Land.

Zip Code 16201

Public land is to be managed in the best interests of the public including the preservation of our iconic wildlife. This is the heritage we pass to our children & children’s children. This does not include putting ranching interests in higher priority than wildlife.

Zip Code 61710

As a United States citizen and taxpayer, I do not want my public lands used only for a handfull of people. I do not want the wildlife in these areas to be wiped out so that the ranchers can use the land for themselves. I believe our country should protect the wildlife on public lands including the grouse and especially the wild mustangs who i believe should always be protected because of their past involvement in the settling of our great nation. Do not turn your backs on them now that they need us so much. These ranchers forget what the horse did for ranching etc.,in the past and now. Money is not everything and greed is ugly. Please save our public lands for all, including the amazing wildlife. Our world would be a sad world without them. Thank you.

Zip Code 94563

I am perplexed that any sane American would support “The Grass March” and all its proponents stand for. They are railing against regulations to protect public land saying that they represent the public and the land is theirs. Why then are there so many Americans that are not supportive of what they stand for? I am one of those Americans that believe public land ranching will harm and possibly destroy wildlife, wild horses and range health. Federal regulations are in place to protect public lands from such destruction. Turning over lands to be managed by states and whoever their politicians are beholden to will be disastrous. I sincerely hope the BLM and Congress will stand firm on what the majority of Americans want, protection for all its public lands, its wildlife, wild horses and range lands. And I hope the 2015 Grass March will fail as dramatically as the 2014 march of the same name.

Zip Code 89521

My request is simple. Remove the cattle and sheep from public lands. Ignore the whining of the welfare ranchers. Remove All Wild Equines from the holding pens and put them back on our public lands. LISTEN to the public, in the next election year we will replace you with people that listen and ACT in our best interests, not yours. My family will not tolerate being ignored any longer and we VOTE.

Zip Code 89003

We are not going away. Can you feel the earth rumble? It’s not the beat of hooves….It’s the rising voices of the people that have had enough. Protect the range.

We think you get the idea. We literally have thousands and thousands of letters like these. Included are some from private land ranchers that wish to remain anonymous.

Keep ’em coming America… we need to change a long entrenched political system. It will not happen overnight but we are on course. “Grass March part 3” coming soon.

Support WHE in our mission to protect rangeland health and wild horses and burros. Click Image above.

Support WHE in our mission to protect rangeland health and wild horses and burros. Click Image above.

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