Humbolt Day 2


Very young foal captured near holding. We will check on foal am.


Day 2 of the Humbolt HA BLM wild horse roundup:

83 wild horses were taken today. Day 1 saw 52 taken bringing the total to 135 removed in the operation with 200 wild horses as the targeted number. (Day 1 here:

We were informed that BLM euthanized a stallion for a deformed leg. Careful scrutiny of our photos and video will continue as we did not witness any obvious deformity and were not notified prior to euthanasia. (We asked if a photo was taken of the deformity and were told that none was).

A very young foal driven today that was separated from it’s mother was seen paired up at holding. Another young foal was found near temporary holding wandering by itself and was picked up by BLM. We will check on the disposition of the foal tomorrow to see if the mare was in fact in the capture pens.

Young foal separated and then roped.

Young foal separated and then roped.

Loads shipped this am to Burns Oregon. We believe horses will ship again Sunday am. The facility report simply notes 40 horses received but gives no breakdown on sex or age.

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