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There are many ways to adopt a wild horse or burro. You can visit a facility, participate in the internet auctions, go to an event or engage the trap site adoptions offered periodically held in association with a removal operation.

Silver King horses removed from the range this week

Silver King horses removed from the range this week

Often when issues on the range or with policy get complex we go and visit wild horses held at a facility. Yesterday we paid a visit to the Silver King horses removed from the range just days ago as we had no opportunity to see them as individual prior to being shipped on the same day as capture.

While at Palomino Valley Center north of Reno NV we always visit with a lot of the horses held there. In the “Big Pen” there are yearling geldings that we  have visited with multiple times. Several of them have been adopted or shipped to events. We spent time with them and wanted to share some of these wonderful horses looking for their special someone.

Vist a BLM facility and get to know your wild ones. They are truly amazing and you never know… you might find your “special” connection and begin a journey like no other.

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These yearlings are at Palomino Valley Center North of Reno.


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