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The Last Sheldon Mustangs, Holding

An old mare and her foal walk in front of a filly with a broken leg leaning on the pen for relief.

An old mare and her foal walk in front of a filly with a broken leg leaning on the pen for relief.

The Last of the Sheldon Mustangs are in USFWS holding corrals in Virgin Valley at the Refuge. During observation we received no information on official numbers captured, shipment dates to “adoption” contractors, death count, plans moving forward. We will count the number in our photos and bring you an estimate. Our pre operation estimate was that there would be around 86.

Adoption contractors are listed here. We have no conformation on which contractors are receiving this last batch of horses. Burros all go to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue based in Oregon.

Carr’s Wild Horse and Burro Center, 4844 Couts-Carr Rd, Cross Plains, Tennessee, 37049, carrsholding@aol.com
Phyllis Strecker, Midland, Texas, dwaynestrecker@yahoo.com, 432-978-0062
Gray Parker, Stanton, Texas, grayparker91@yahoo.com
Tyler Horses, Salem, Utah, tylerhorses@yahoo.com, 801-420-5038

There is a broken leg in the video near the end… but no other graphic content. The two pair with tags were ones held over from the first phase of the operation earlier this year.

This is the last time for you to speak out for them. Sheldon Mustangs are being eradicated forever with tax payer money. “Adoption” contractors being paid with tax payer money. Will less than 30% of the horses removed in the last two years be accounted for? Did the American public pay for people to profit from the slaughter pipeline? Call your Congressmen today and tell them YOU want USFWS and Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge held accountable for every wild horse and burro they removed from the range in the last two years. http://www.opencongress.org/people/zipcodelookup Tell them your “vote depends on it.” Say something like: USFWS needs to account for every horse and burro taken from Sheldon. The American public should not be footing the bill for people to profit from slaughter. We want proof (not fictitious paperwork) that the horses are safe. TELL your Congressman to say that the last 86 horses from Sheldon CAN NOT SHIP until ALL the horses are accounted for… those 86 horses ARE THE LAST OF THE SHELDON MUSTANGS.

Wild Horse Education is devoted to gaining protection from abuse, slaughter and extinction for our wild horses and burros. Please join us in this fight.

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