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Weanling/yearlings for adoption

Weanling/yearlings for adoption

Earlier this year we wrote an extensive piece on the distinction between “adoption” and “sale,” and the history of both. That article can be found here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/three-strikes-adoption-and-sale-authority/

Often we get requests from the public to check on wild horses that they wish to adopt. Time permitting we comply with such requests.

Recently BLM began providing some listings of younger horses that are “three strikers.” Palomino Valley Center (PVC) is one of those facilities. We had a request to check on a specific horse (that we found went to TIP training). While there we found a bunch of other horses looking for homes that are now in the “three strikes” category. (If you decide on one of these horses BLM can “adopt” the horse to you for purposes of TIP training or to avoid the additional “U” to the freezemarking process that wold denote the horse was a “sale authority”).

As usual we always leave PVC fantasizing about winning the lottery. There are truly some amazing beings at the facility looking for forever homes.

2993, a steady personality and a very nice build

2993, a steady personality and a very nice build

Today “cupid’s arrow” hit us with a young mare #2993 and her black friend (that has a great butt). #2993 was calm, steady and almost fell asleep having her face stroked. She let me clean her eye, play with her ears and even insert my thumb into her mouth. This sweet mare let me run my hand down her back, her belly and touch her legs. She followed around the edges of the pen looking for interaction. Her friend also allowed her face to be touched but was more wary when my hand went to her shoulder. (Edited to add: it was confirmed that this mare was born at Broken Arrow with no info available on HMA).

During our visit we focused on the “sale” horses (more coming over from Broken Arrow in Fallon). However we saw some of the young boys that were weaned this year that did not get selected for the internet adoption and of course stopped to chat with the burros.

Slideshow of some of those looking for forever homes.

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We will update this page with additional info on HMAs, tag numbers and ages when we get them (horses were in process of being received from Broken Arrow).

Please note: Sale authority has nothing to do with BLMs authority to remove wild horses and burros from the range. It allows the “sale” of horses and burros after they are removed. To read about the Burn’s Amendment go here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/burns-amendment/ To take action to repeal Burn’s go here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/invitation-to-action/


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