Q&A Wild Horse Education 9/6/2014

Wild Horse Education Q&A video 9/6/2014

If this is a format that receives interest we will do a weekly Q&A. Send wild horse and burro related questions to wildhorseeducation@gmail.com with “Q&A” in the subject line. Laura Leigh drove all night to get back to prepare reports for use by multiple other organizations and individuals. This Q&A is impromptu and done in one take with no preparation. It is shot simply on the camera in the laptop, alone, sitting on the floor. (Edited: comments received the morning after publication indicate that this is a format you appreciate. We will repeat the format. Those that have followed us for a long time remember Leigh would file field reports with her dog Elvis in the background and asked that we feature Krieger, her new companion, in the next video. Krieger is still a bit of a puppy and would likely require center stage and sit on Leigh’s lap, but we will see what we can do. (the “ouchie” on Leigh’s lip is from her dog Krieger. He is very excited now that he has learned to give “paw” and at 140 lbs and 12 months old, is very enthusiastic).

Time code key for Questions, all 52 questions received this afternoon were not answered:

(1:14) 1. How can the Wild Horse Advisory Board, who is in charge of protecting the wild equines be so heavily weighted by cattle and exploitative interests? (sub question, would you consider applying to the advisory board?)

(3:38) 2. Any further info available on the RAC CTR proposal which hopefully will be adopted in October? (sub questions: How can BLM use chemical vasectomies at Sand Wash Basin, I thought PZP was the only approved drug? What do you think about chemical vasectomy? and Why do you support PZP?)

(7:30) 3. What are your thoughts about the Wyoming eco-sanctuary. Isn’t this just another non-reproducing herd?

(9:16) 4. Who actually runs the BLM and enforces the policies that they pursue? Their policies not only seriously impact our beloved equines, but contribute to the denuding of the range and ultimately to global warming.

(12:07) 5. We need to sue the government on inhumane treatment at roundups. Do you think we could get ___, _____ and ____ involved?

(13:40) 6. The eradication of predator species by the cattle industry have created an ecosystem which is out of balance. What agency is responsible for ignorance and promotion of this attitude?

(14:44) 7. Why does the BLM allow equines that they have ripped from the wild, allow them to be placed with contractors who allow nothing but feedlot conditions?

(15:52) 8. How do we draw the public into supporting a healthy range ecosystem?

(18:06) 9. Noted biologists have linked the wildfires out West to the massive round ups so eagerly pursued by BLM and have proven that wild equines and other wildlife hunted incessantly contribute positively to the health of the range. Who is suppressing this research and why?

(20:52) 10. Don’t you get tired of the fight?

(22:05) wrap up and explanation of management under BLM.


Wild Horses near Eureka Nevada. Help us to fight for wild horses and burros still free on the range.

Wild Horses near Eureka Nevada. Help us to fight for wild horses and burros still free on the range.

Wild Horse Education is devoted to protecting our wild horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction.



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