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Operation Sheldon: Fast ACTION

Father watches over his new daughter on "Father's Day," 2014. In a few short weeks this family will be no more. Help us protect them.

Father watches over his new daughter on “Father’s Day,” 2014. In a few short weeks this family will be no more. Help us protect them.

The last of the Sheldon Mustangs and Burros need YOUR voice!

After years of fighting to gain protection for the wild horses of Sheldon from slaughter we have seen progress. The contractor known as J&S Associates that can not account for horses, will not receive any more horses from Sheldon (where in the past some admittedly went to slaughter and issues of abusive conduct were presented to a federal Judge).

However that does not ensure that the safeguards that Sheldon officials presented in court are being followed for the last remaining Sheldon mustangs.

Sheldon has not announced final plans. They have NOT announced new contractors and that they followed appropriate screening processes. They have NOT announced what will happen to any wild horses left at Sheldon (or that move into Sheldon) in future years.

It is up to us to make sure that Sheldon Mustangs are finally protected from the most horrific betrayal, a trip to slaughter. Our amazing Sheldon’s, and the history they represent of service to man that includes carrying the US into battle, must not be thrown away like trash. ADD YOUR NAME to the letter TODAY!

~~~ Please read the letter below and if you agree sign your name! Deadline for this action is Wednesday July 2, 2014.

Our letter will be emailed to John Kasbohm, Director of Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge.

Mr Kasbohm,

We are appreciative of your decision to cease the shipments of horses captured at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge to J&S Associates. Considering the history involved of a lack of protection for these historic American icons, the Sheldon Mustang, we agree that this is an appropriate course of action.

We anxiously await your announcement for plans moving forward for the horses. Current placement options for the horses to be removed in 2014 is of utmost importance to ensure that the mistakes made in the past are not repeated.These horses must be protected from abuse and slaughter as outlined in your current CCP.

In addition no evaluation for protocol after 2014 have been announced. As Sheldon will be officially “zeroed out” in 2014 we are concerned for horses that may be present in the refuge in coming years. As you are fully aware as per our previous discussions, the ability to entirely remove and prevent horses from occupying the refuge will be a difficult task. Movement does occur into and out of Sheldon in previously identified areas, particularly from Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. 

In 2010 Sheldon entered into an agreement with BLM and Sheldon was included in the “Tri-State Calico Complex.” At the time of this announcement it was asserted by both BLM and Sheldon officials that this created an opportunity to utilize combined resources. We sincerely urge you to use this designation for the protection of wild horses that may be present on the Refuge in coming years. Sheldon will lack infrastructure and resources while BLM maintains an adoption program and ability to process wild horses.

We await your response and look forward to the legacy of historic conduct ending and a real effort made to protect America’s war horse.


Laura Leigh

Representing Wild Horse Education and all of the undersigned.


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