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NACO Suit on Road to Dismissal

Twin Peaks, area of the fire

Twin Peaks, area of the fire

Today the BLM filed their Motion to Dismiss in the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) legal action against wild horses. Citing primarily two issues with the case,  the government states in essence that a programatic challenge is not allowed and that even though the law currently does allow the “unlimited sale” of wild horses, the Appropriations Bill (current law) does not allow for such actions.

On January 26, 2014 Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education filed to Intervene in the case on behalf of the wild horses. Her Intervention was granted with the court, which noted Leigh’s capacity to bring a site-specific argument against NACO. This among other reasoning was what allowed her standing, including the content of her active litigation at Owyhee that addresses many of the underlying claims made by NACO.

Water haul for livestock in the Diamond Complex prior to grazing restrictions being implemented

Water haul for livestock in the Diamond Complex prior to grazing restrictions being implemented

In her Motion Leigh puts forward that the challenge itself should not be allowed under law, it is currently illegal for  BLM to slaughter or kill wild horses,  and site-specific arguments to refute the claims  in the NACO  brief making it false.

YOU CAN READ MS. LEIGH’S FILING HERE Leigh Motion to Intervene

Leigh called the case “retaliation” against justifiable livestock restrictions that began in 2012, that were necessary because of severe drought condition. .

“From the beginning the likelihood of the case moving past the first round of Motions was low,” stated Leigh “However we continue to stand ready to address any issues should this case actually move forward. If the case does move forward, it would open doors for similar challenges against wild horses that have not been allowed in the past. Either way we are ready to take the next steps.”

Wild Horse Education urges you to join our actions to repeal the “Burn’s Amendment” that would allow the sale of wild horses for slaughter. This is a critical action to stop now.

“We need to get ahead of this. It never should have been allowed to become law. It is an example of pure corruption of process.” says Laura Leigh

JOIN us here to close the door on slaughter of BLM wild horses and burroshttp://wildhorseeducation.org/invitation-to-action/


Wild Horse Education is gathering data on areas that are likely to become targets of removal or further legal actions so we will be prepared to defend our wild horses and burros. Range reports are being loaded HERE. We need your help to stay in this fight. To donate to our effort click HERE


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