Pre-Roundup Assessments Continue

Snowstorm horses seen on Thursday tour

Snowstorm horses seen on Thursday tour

Wild Horse Education (WHE) continues to monitor areas currently on the BLM removal schedule. As noted in previous articles on the current plan “drought” is the primary “trigger” word for the summer removal schedule. Each area, and the factors surrounding each removal, vary from district to district and herd to herd. Please note that the BLM handbook does not identify drought as an emergency but an “escalating situation.”

Two of the areas on the BLM schedule are subjects of litigation carried by Wild Horse Education, Snowstorm (Owyhee) and Maverick Medicine (Triple B).

Last week WHE brought you a report on the areas from the Battle Mountain Tonopah field office. The article and report can be accessed here

From this last Thursday through Saturday Laura Leigh attended tours given in the Winnemucca District and the Elko district on areas on the schedule in the coming weeks. Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education crafted these reports after documenting conditions. A portion of the fuel expenses was paid by AWHPC.

A draft report from the Winnemucca District has been prepared. More information has been requested from the district office before a final version (and final recommendations) are created. A report on the observations on the Elko tour to be published shortly.

click image below to access DRAFT report