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WHE President Scheduled for Surgery

Mare and foal, 5/26

Mare and foal, 5/26

(RENO) On May 31st Wild Horse Education has two cases scheduled for hearings in federal court. One of the actions to protect wild horses is for a Preliminary Injunction at the Owyhee Complex and the other is a Discovery hearing in matters concerning Triple B and Jackson Mountain.

These actions currently deal with practices during capture that are inappropriate and removals that are unjustified. To date these cases have gained three Temporary Restraining Orders and a Preliminary Injunction to pilot conduct at Triple B.

Earlier this month, Wild Horse Education President, Laura Leigh, the plaintiff in the legal actions against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ms. Leigh is expected to undergo surgery next week. Under advice of our attorney, Ms. Leigh is asking the court to postpone the hearing on the Owyhee Preliminary Injunction by no more than 30 days. The hearing on Triple B and Jackson Mountain will not be postponed.

Ms. Leigh is expected to recover from surgery, and treatment, and be able to document roundups beginning in July as she always does. Her doctors indicate that she should be able to complete the research and field work required on the legal actions and various other projects underway. However there will be a short period where Ms. Leigh will need to recover from anesthesia used during surgery.

“I was willing to participate at the Owyhee hearing the day after surgery if needed,” stated Leigh with a smile, “but our attorney said he didn’t want to deal with me at a hearing still groggy from anesthesia.”

Laura Leigh

Laura Leigh

Ms. Leigh has ductal carcinoma, the most common form of breast cancer. The causes of this type of cancer are linked to factors such as diet, genetics, and common hormone therapies such as birth control pills. Caught early, the prognosis is extremely good for a full recovery.

The decision to go public on Ms. Leigh’s medical condition was prompted by the need to disclose her condition to the courts and BLM last week, making the information public knowledge.

The Bureau of Land Management has recently announced plans to remove horses from Triple B, Maverick-Medicine and Antelope. Two of those areas are currently included in Wild Horse Education legal actions. News will be coming shortly on the ongoing case.


PLEASE NOTE: ALL Projects are on schedule. The ONE exception is a postponement on ONE hearing in the Owyhee Complex case.

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