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This week NBC news covered the story of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse and burro program. Laura Leigh, founder of, spent a few days with the producer and opened up her library of more than 500 days of attendance to roundups in the last three years alone. Leigh also supplied NBC with court rulings, BLM documents and vet reports. Questions continued after the producer, Michael Austin, left Reno. The two have stayed in touch. We think NBC did a great job creating a compelling story that raises questions concerning the necessity of roundups, inhumane treatment, slaughter of our wild horses and a broken program. To watch the stories (there are several print stories and video) click HERE. Full link here:

Below are several of the videos that Leigh supplied to NBC. In these videos you will see much, much more. There are currently three active legal challenges carried by against this program as well as many other efforts to CHANGE what you see. Check back soon for updates!

One Stallion is the story of a single stallion, one day, at a BLM roundup at the Calico Complex 2011/2012.

calico wild horse roundup/ one stallion from Laura Leigh on Vimeo.

Is it Bad Enough for YOU? Is the video linked in the text version of NBCs Online coverage. This video has received more hits in the time it has been published than any wild horse video to date. The video is literally “viral” with almost 2.5 million hits.

Triple B from 2011 contains footage that was essential in gaining the first Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in the history of the BLM program to conduct. The case has gone on to gain the first Preliminary Injunction to pilot conduct and a second TRO after the complaint was amended to include foals being run in June without justification. This legal action is currently in Discovery heading for hearing.

Owyhee Complex This video was taken before the lawsuit was filed that gained another TRO to conduct. After hearing the Order was lifted as BLM claimed financial hardship with strict conduct expectations issued by the court. This case moves forward to address unjustified removals and inhumane treatment.

Set Us Free! Is a video showing the “roundup” year in review for 2012. Leigh edited and published this piece after NBC had left. She received an additional “shopping list” for images captured in this piece that includes many images the public has become familiar with.

Calico and the foal whose feet began to fall off This video is the story of the colt that began Leigh’s non-stop crusade to gain humane care for wild horses and burros.


We are currently working with other media outlets, preparing more court documents and gaining data need to protect our wild horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction. Documentation is the most powerful tool we have to expose wrong. Documentation and utilization of that documentation CAN create change!

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