May, the work ahead

This May has many challenges to gain protections for our wild horses and burros. Our legal actions are on an intense schedule. Our field work must take place in order to prepare for what is ahead. Our media teams are working to create material and sending information to the public and press. Our work with the state legislature on horse tripping and creating opportunities to promote tourism is almost at an end this legislative session. Our research teams are working on slaughter investigations and researching public land issues. May promises to be very busy indeed.


  • Yesterday we received an Order from the court in the ongoing matters of Triple B and Jackson Mountain. The schedule for Discovery sets up delivery of records by May 15 and two weeks to settle disputes until the next conference on May 31. (This case has already gained two temporary restraining orders and a Preliminary Injunction. The case is finally heading for the hearing on the underlying causes).
  • On May 31st we have a hearing for Preliminary Injunction in another matter for the Owyhee Complex. The Owyhee Complex is a ten-year proposed operation where we are addressing inhumane treatment and inaccurate data used for removals. (This case has gained strong language against inhumane treatment in the temporary restraining order of the court).
  • We await the ruling of Federal Court Judge Larry Hicks in the First Amendment case. This case will then go to hearing on underlying cause. (This case has already built new case law that has been cited in rulings denying BLM motions to dismiss our other actions. This case is so very important to the people’s right to know).
Mare and foal await return to Diamond Range

Mare and foal await return to Diamond Range


  • Data is being gathered on several ranges that we are revisiting from last year. The drought issues that created such controversy last year will continue into this summer. We are gathering data from areas visited last year and ranges we suspect may be part of removal plans coming fast. Proactive responses must be utilized before removals. We are preparing.
  • Data is being collected to support the return of the wild horses that await at the Carson prison to the Diamond range. We are working on plans to monitor and assist with proactive actions to ensure these animals go home, maintain the resources they require and the range is monitored to ensure recovery.
Wild horses offloading into the "closed to the public" facility Broken Arrow after capture from the range out of public site

Wild horses offloading into the “closed to the public” facility Broken Arrow after capture from the range out of public site


MANY various projects are underway in research. Land use planning is being addressed. New regulations that will drastically effect our public lands are being addressed. The slaughter issue and the “Burns Amendment” are being investigated. There are several investigations that we hope to make public this summer.

Our new media campaign poster

Our new media campaign poster


We are creating outreach material for use by the public, teachers and law makers. Our new “Rally Kit” is available for download on this site.We hope to bring new material to you soon.

We need your support to continue to fight to protect our wild horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction. Please check our fundraising thermometer at the bottom of the website. You can see what we raise every month and check our accomplishment page to see what we do with your donations. Please consider making a donation. Together we are creating change!


And of course we are getting ready to bring you coverage of as many days of roundup operation as is humanly possible. Our founder has been to more operation days than any observer or government personnel in the last three years. We will keep bringing you that coverage. Video below is a year in review of 2012,