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Free Rally Kits!

‘Tis the season when Wild Horse Education gets requests for information for those doing rallies, students working on projects and film makers flooding the west looking for info and pictures.

We put together a fast “kit” for anyone wanting to do a presentation at school or a rally. The material even includes an 11×17 file suitable for printing to use as a poster! Please do not remove our logo or copyright or edit images or copy and paste info. It is a violation of copyright laws and just plain disrespectful to those that took their time to save you time.

You can print the info and put in a folder, stack the sections separately, choose a few as handouts. We tried to create an informative, cohesive, eye-grabbing, not too graphic public display.

We hope this helps you to “wake up America!” and get lots of people talking, asking questions and fighting for our wild horses!

Click Image Below to go to “Press” Kit.


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