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Foal falling after stumbling at ditch as other horses stampede through the jute

Foal falling after stumbling at ditch as other horses stampede through the jute


By now you have seen the WHE video (click here to view) from a few days ago: Wild horses hitting a barbed wire fence, catapulting in the air, and landing on their heads. Foals shocked repeatedly with electric cattle prods. Horses, stampeded in freezing weather until lathered and steaming. Many of these horses will continue to feel the effects of roundup through sustained underlying injury or illness.

At the second trap BLM ran wild horses trough a ditch for three days and horses tripped and fell. On the third day a foal fell. No change was made at the trap.

This needs to stop NOW!

Wild Horse Education still needs more funds to file a legal action against BLM. We hope to address the current roundup plan for this area that extends for ten years. This means we may stop BLM horse and burro cruelty at Owyhee for a decade and save thousands of horses from capture and  possible slaughter.

To do this we need YOU: Ask your favorite horse veterinarians (and trainers, etc) if they will be willing to review documentation of Owhyee roundup (videos and photos we will send to them once they contact us) and comment in writing for the court that this treatment is not humane or justified. Tell them to email us at wildhorseeducation@gmail.com. It would be great to have hundreds of equine professionals making a statement in court records.

We should be ready to file later soon.

As soon as that goal is reached, we will file an action on the Owyhee Roundup.  We have the standing and track record of wins in court to succeed in stopping the roundup. We have an active case that SHUT DOWN TWO ROUNDUPS and is still going strong. Part of these funds will be used to support continual IN THE FIELD investigations and our two pending federal lawsuits against BLM. The lawsuit coming up in February, 2013, will put an end to this inhumane treatment FOREVER, if successful! If we don’t meet our funding goal, funds raised will go to our investigations and lawsuits. We have raised enough to get things ready and now need your help to bring it forward.

WHE has two current cases in Federal court that are active and both heading into hearings and more legal work the beginning of 2013. Those cases need ongoing support.

BE A PART OF MAKING HISTORY! The stand we are making in Federal court has already gained the first Restraining Order in the history of the Act to conduct. We have already gained a landmark decision in the Ninth Circuit Court to protect our right to know how (and where) are horses are handled in an active case that stands in Amicus with the Reporters Committee for a Free Press and the National Press Photographers Association.


Please JOIN us. Give what you can:   $10  $25  $50  $100  or more

Donors of  $50 or more will receive one of Laura’s wild horse photos (never before published) personally signed. NOTE: To receive your photo you must email whe.action@gmail.com and give us your address and date of donation.

The Wild Horses and Burros belong to ALL OF US!  OUR horses can’t wait till another day.  Together we can put a STOP  to the cruelty of roundups – FOREVER!

BE PART OF MAKING THE DIFFERENCE by supporting this emergency drive.


Even if you can’t donate you can HELP.

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Repost our updates on your timelines. Visit our BLOG for continued updates and current WHE news.

Follow us on twitter (@WildHorseEduc) and watch for action alerts to call and write and be the voices for wild horses.


btn_donateCC_LG[1]Thank you for your interest in helping to create sanity and accountability through documentation and education for our wild herds. Wild Horse Education is a registered non-profit in the state of Nevada.



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