Jackson Mountain, Day 1

Notes from the Roundup, Leigh_ June 8,2012

BLM began the emergency roundup at Jackson Mountain today. The operation began in the area where water has been hauled, literally. The stock tank was located within the wings of the trap.

Temperatures today were unseasonable cool.

The range is in serious compromise. Very little, to no, new growth was noted.

Driving was aprox 2 plus hours to the trap location from Winnemucca. As the roundup progresses distances are expected to increase.

Four runs were made today, two prior to arrival. Meeting time may move to 5am.

The first run witnessed was the largest run of the day. However observation vantage was poor. Two animals broke from the trap and were pursued. After the animals disappeared from site the helicopter was called off.

Vantage point was changed for the last run. 4 animals, body scores of 3/4 came into sight. (Note at no time today could the trap mouth be observed and other observation days should facilitate the ability to assess in further notes).

One of the mares tripped as she ran through a gulley and went down. BLM and contractor staff immediately responded and mare was held quiet on the ground as assessed. After a few moments the mare rose on her own with no flagging, prodding or dragging and was lead into the panel area. I was able to assess mare in panels and she appeared to settle well and was not moving with any visible sign off the fall.

Total number of animals taken today is estimated at around 20 as the first runs were not witnessed and numbers were not provided. Three yearlings and two younger foals were noted. (Numbers will be provided to the public daily at the holding site beginning tomorrow).

At holding water consumption is currently being monitored closely to facilitate continuos supply at a rate appropriate to the current situation.

More detailed report soon. Please excuse the “bare bones” nature of this report as I drove into town this am and went immediately to trap. In 48 hours I have had a total of 6 hours sleep.


First Observation Area

First observed run

Second group observed

Mare Goes Down

Mare rose on her own, lead in (Leigh)

During loading mare separated to load in divided compartment for assessment

Temporary Holding

Mare and foal at holding

Video will be made available as time allows

Please keep the reports coming by putting gas in the tank with your donations.~~ Thank you

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