Stone Cabin / Saulsbury concludes

The Stone Cabin Saulsbury roundup concluded today with the release of aprox. 147 back to the range. Final numbers will be posted on BLM’s update page and on this website (along with a complete report from the field on this page).

Tomorrow will be the day for the “trap site” adoption in Tonopah and with luck some of these youngsters will go to a loving home that can understand all they have been through and all they have to teach.

But I wanted to take a moment and share some images and thoughts on this experience.

The Leap Home

The release was about a 50/50 male female ratio with mares treated with PZP. The last roundup done in this area was in 2007 with no fertility control.


Animals were released into home ranges and immediately headed off into the distance toward familiar water sources. It is an incredibly beautiful range. There is a stark beauty that these animals magnify of our western heritage. They are a true symbol of that spirit to survive.


This range was the first to be rounded up under the 1971 Act. This area is known for the “Stone Cabin” grey. These animals were beloved by “Wild Horse Annie” and she was in attendance to watch over them and their care during that first round up that marked the end of “mustanging” by private profiteers and began the system that has evolved into the one we have today.

Stone Cabin Grey

This roundup saw two club foot youngsters go into the adoption program instead of being euthanized. One will be available at the trap site option, the other at Ridgecrest facility.

This roundup also saw two older, thin mares released back to the range and not euthanized. “They have good teeth and have a good chance,” said the wild horse and burro specialist onsite.

Old Grey Mare

This mare fell in the trailer as it pulled up for her release back “home.” She struggled to regain her feet.

But the last photograph of the day was of this mare meeting a friend that waited on the hillside for her. They went slowly over the horizon together.

As it should be...

The full report on this operation coming very soon.

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