Calico Complex

First Phase of Calico Completed, 12/17

The first phase of the Calico Complex (Tri-state Complex) is complete.

Today saw the small band that often crosses the Highway (34) outside of Gerlach removed.

Stud released 12-17 Calico Complex

21 studs and 11 mares were returned to the Warm Springs/Black Rock West HMA’s.

To date apox 1050 animals have been removed in the planned operation. The BLM website states “The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Winnemucca District, Black Rock Field Office will gather approximately 1,300 wild horses and 140 wild burros, of which as many as 350 wild horses would be released back to the range following the gather. ”

BLM’s gather status reports can be found here:

Leap back “home”

At the High Rock Complex roundup (prior to Calico and part of the supposed Tri-State Complex) all animals were returned to the range with a hip brand marking their home ranges. During the Calico portion of the operation in this proposed Complex with the stated purpose of “cohesive and coordinated” management no studs were marked prior to release.

If we are to truly have a discussion based on the best options for actually managing this population as intended under law than the data to support decisions needs to exist. Currently decisions are based on theory not hard facts.

The request was made to Gene Seidlitz the Winnemmuca District manager (one of the men involved in the construction of the Tri-State Complex) and it was not acted upon. Seidlitz had no knowledge that the adjoining district took steps to facilitate actual tracking capabilities. When informed he took no steps to facilitate (all equipment was present and required very little extra time).

One has to wonder what the purpose of a “Tri-State” Complex is that operates simply as it always has: a non-cohesive guesswork machine.

At present no cohesive plan exists that actually has the behavioral habits of the animal the agency supposedly manages as “wild  and free roaming” in actual “fact,” only “estimate.”

Observation at the roundup portion of todays operation did not promise to facilitate a good viewing location and the release was observed.

Mare from the “Gerlach Bunch” taken 12-17

One mare was observed with a laceration to her face and possible eye injury and the stud from todays group had some apparent superficial bleeding of the pasterns (most likely from the run over rock).

A hiatus for the holiday will last until January 3 when operations will resume on the Eastern side of the Complex.

Note: There has been much talk about the implementation of a humane care standard (with ramification for violation) as well as training protocol and communication improvements.  But at this stage of the “game” it is only talk… nothing has changed. (Behavior was better as a representative from DC arrived. But we have seen that “show” before).

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