Analysis of BLM Report on Triple B conduct

Callaghan Roundup Temporary Holding December 2010, Sun J contractor. Standing water as temperatures dipped below freezing overnight and excessive debris in pens.

Wild Horse Education has completed an Analysis of BLM’s report on conduct at the Triple B roundup.

This analysis includes two documents released by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) titled “Triple B Wild Horse Gather Team Review” and “Triple B Response to Recommendations.” This analysis also includes observations of operations prior to, and post, the Triple B “gather.”

After thorough analysis of the report (and upcoming BLM roundup schedule) the concluding recommendation is as follows:

Suspend operations until a care standard has been defined and consequence for violation of that standard clearly outlined. Any protocol put in place could be amended, expanded or changed during a prescribed implementation period.”

BLM’s report can be read here: http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/wo/Communications_Directorate/public_affairs/news_release_attachments.Par.51335.File.tmp/TripleBReport.pdf

Read Wild Horse Education’s Analysis of the report by clicking the image below:

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