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Laura Leigh

Laura Leigh loves horses. They have held a special place in her heart since childhood. Laura has been involved in anti-slaughter issues for more than two decades. Leigh has attended more roundups than any other observer including government personnel in the last four years. Her videography has been seen on CNN, NBC, BBC, PBS and her photography in many print venues, she holds press credentials through Horseback Magazine. Wild Horse Education was created to gain protections from abuse, slaughter and extinction for our beloved wild horses and burros.

Moriah HA (2024)

On October 17, the 2024 Moriah Herd Area roundup began. Since October 1, BLM is in fiscal 2024. Scroll down for updates When the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act was […]

Fight Against Abuse

Many of you are asking what you can do to help forward one of the important goals in our active lawsuit: Creating an enforceable welfare policy and closing loopholes that perpetuate abuse. […]

Calico Roundup 2023

Above: View of temporary holding at Calico in 2011 and 12 (while we were in court on First Amendment violations) was up on a ledge for meaningful viewing and assessment of freshly-captured […]

Desatoya Release

Above: stallions released The Desatoya roundup has ended. 59 Wild Horses (14 Stallions, 39 Mares, and 6 Foals) were captured of the 122 targeted. Apparently, there was some difficulty finding horses and […]

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