Wild Horses Inspire! (part one)



A galloping herd of wild horses thundering across a valley floor or a lone stallion on a ridge top are images that make our hearts beat just a bit faster. Wild horses speak to something inside us as old as time itself. At the dawn of our creative spirit horses inspired the first cave drawings. Today they provide us with no less inspiration to our creative souls.

Here we take a closer look at some of the works wild horses inspire today. Music and photography are some of the types of inspiration that most think of but wild horses and burros generate so much more. Many of us are inspired to advocate or adopt. Some of us have written novels or created films. 

Every week we will add more stories of what our wild horses and burros have inspired! We are editing a video with adoption stories,music inspired by wild horses and so much more!

In our first installment meet:

Joe Camp, author of the Benji novels and the Soul of a Horse

Christina Lublin, Award winning television producer. Her work includes The Dog Whisperer and America Declassified

Jeanne Nations, Nevada Wild Horse photographer

Nevada States Quarter

Nevada’s wild horses and burros you “Inspire Me!”

Born Wild, The Soul of a Horse ~ Joe Camp

Saffron, Joe and Firestorm

Saffron, Joe and Firestorm

From Joe Camp…

It’s been a long time coming. I began this book five years ago. We had only been horse owners for a year and a half and I had been asking a lot of questions, apparently too loudly too often, about how our new horses should be kept and cared for… and what we could learn by looking to the horses in the wild.

“Not a thing,” I was told, over and over again. “The domestic horse and the horse in the wild are not even the same species anymore.”

That made no sense to me. I remembered a teacher I once had who taught me to make decisions based upon knowledge and wisdom, not hearsay. So we began a new exploration, a new journey, once again charging off into uncharted waters… until we were suddenly stopped cold in our tracks and the book went on the shelf for almost three years. A very important three years, it turned out, that uncovered knowledge and wisdom we didn’t even know we were missing, and conclusions we could never have come to three years earlier. These discoveries astounded us, exhilarated us. And made us better. I hope that the words in this book have melted into the folds of what was being done, not what is being said. For that is their purpose. To create the experience for you that you might live it with us, do it with us. Feel it with us.

And now those words are yours. We hope you’ll find them worthy, and share them often.

Joe & Kathleen Camp

BornWild-FrontCover-Final325L1“March 21, 2012 – Barely an hour after Firestorm was born. Time has flown by at the speed of light. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been two years since Firestorm was born, two years and four days since Miss Saffron stepped off the trailer, an, as yet, unhandled mustang from the wild who had never willingly touched or been touched by any human. And she was very pregnant. We were told by the BLM that she would probably deliver in May. That was March 17th. Four days later Miss Firestorm was born.”

note from Laura Leigh~ I was there when Joe’s beautiful palomino mare Saffron (Firestorm’s mom) was stampeded in the desert heat at the Triple B Roundup in Nevada. That roundup gained a court order, the first in history to inappropriate conduct by the BLM. It is incredible for me to know all of the things that sweet soul endured and to see her and her baby “inspire” Joe Camp. 

Leigh’s work is featured in Joe Camp’s book, Born Wild.

To read more from Joe go to: http://thesoulofahorse.com/blog/the-books-of-joe-camp/born-wild-the-soul-of-a-horse/


Christina won a Genesis Award for the America Declassified segment on wild horses

Christina Lublin won a Genesis Award for the America Declassified segment on wild horses

Christina Lublin, Award winning television producer

Christina writes: “Wild Horses. You envision freedom, magnificent beauty and a rich history. During the summer of 2013, I traveled with a production team to film the Wild Horses for a new Travel Channel series. I was so excited to see the magical Mustangs running across the Nevada desert! Sadly, this is not what happened. What we witnessed was the cruel, sad truth ~ our government is systematically rounding up the wild horses to the point of extinction. The horses are in the way and are taking up expensive real estate needed for the big business of mining, ranching and fracking. The government and ranchers have decided the horses are no longer of any value and simply need to be eliminated.

Director Melissa Jo Peltier, Laura Leigh and Producer Christina Lublin

Director Melissa Jo Peltier, Laura Leigh and Producer Christina Lublin

I will never forget the sights and sounds of the helicopters chasing the horses in the gather pens. A black stallion was separated from his family and had to make the heartbreaking decision ~ be captured with his family or run for his life. He stood on a hill and watched, running one way then another, finally choosing freedom. Working in the media and being an animal activist, I have met many incredible people. Laura Leigh is in a league of her own and is living proof that one person can and will make a difference. She has dedicated her life to saving and protecting the wild horses and if anyone can truly save our Wild Horses, it’s Laura.”

Wild Horses at Palomino Valley checking out the crew of Travel Channel's America Declassified, photo Christina Lublin

Wild Horses at Palomino Valley checking out the crew of Travel Channel’s America Declassified, photo Christina Lublin

For a preview of America Declassified http://www.travelchannel.com/tv-shows/america-declassified/episodes/d-b-cooper-missing-mustangs-bayou-sinkhole or the full episode can be purchased on Amazon for less than $2.00! http://www.amazon.com/D-B-Cooper-Missing-Mustangs/dp/B00GM3IIEE 



Elusive and Free Wild Horses

Elusive and Free Wild Horses

Rough Roads and Rainbows, my journey as a photographer in search of wild horses, has been an adventure, that I would not trade for anything. The peaceful feeling being around wild horses offers a respite from all the stress that goes on in todays world. My heart and soul are filled with such joy being near these animals , in the stillness of the vast open range, I hear the sound of the wild horses whinny back and forth to each other. I hold my breath as I focus my lens on the innocence of a newborn foal and click the shutter in awe at the renewal of life in the desert with the innocence of a newborn foal. There is so much in Nevada’s high desert country that most people never get to see, capturing a band on the run, as the earth shakes, dust flying, what a thrill it is not only to be a part of nature but to capture all this on film is simply astounding to me.

I have also unfortunately captured the heartbreaking times too, seeing wild horses being rounded up by helicopters and separated from their families is also something I never want to see again. I like to focus on capturing images of the wild horses that will bring a sense of tranquility and joy to others who may not be able to see them in person. These are critical times for our wild horses, they are in danger of loosing their freedom on public lands. We need to make sure that family herds remain, also that the number of wild horses out on the range will sustain herds with genetic, viability for future generations to be able to experience our free spirited horses. we all need the sacred wilderness to enjoy a little bit of serenity and solitude with all that nature has provided.

I am always so grateful to be out in nature when ever I get the opportunity capturing wild horses with my camera. I caught these wild horses in one of the worst blizzards, during the Winter of 2014 in Northeastern Nevada. They looked like snow paints. Wild horses have very thick hides, tough endurance, they are survivors no matter what the conditions are. In the wilderness they will seek shelter, behind rocky bluffs, deep canyons , thick groves of trees and other places to get out of any harsh weather conditions.

ICON OF THE AMERICAN WEST~ Against the back drop of golden Western skies, this wild horse stopped, as I was passing by him, his intense soulful eyes seemed to look right through me, if only for a brief moment in time. I captured it on film, as my heart skipped a beat, then he quickly turned and disappeared into the high desert terrain. He was so powerful , simply magnificent, he is still out there free in Nevada’s Great Basin Country. I hope he always will be.We will meet again.

Back Off

Back Off

Close To You A young foal clings to her Mom as she forages for food beneath the snow. The mares are great protectors of their young. I have built a bond of trust with these wild horses, they can sense danger in an instant but they have come to know me with my camera always pointing in their direction. Some herds I can not even get close to at all if they have never see me before. In the Antelope Valley here in Northeastern Nevada many of these wild horses are in such remote areas that they have never seen a person, so they will run off before you even get a chance to photograph them.

Close To You

Close To You

High Desert Gold ~ It always amazes me to see visions of grandeur, such as this is wild stallion so powerful, magnificent and fearless, it simply takes my breath away . I have a great passion for photographing the wild horses in the vast desert wilderness, just by watching them your own spirit begins to soar right along with the wild horses. In every living thing there is a spirit that wants to be free.

High Desert Gold

High Desert Gold

The elusive and free roaming wild horses are gift from God these are His divine creations. They must remain free roaming on their rightful lands, It is an unforgettable experience to observe the interactions between the different family herds. You will forget your worries just by being around the healing wild horses .

To see More of Jeanne’s Work go to: http://jeanne-nations.artistwebsites.com/

The Nevada State Quarter

Nevada's Quarter

Nevada’s Quarter

As we were preparing this piece on things inspired by Nevada’s wild horses an article came out in the Las Vegas ReviewJournal. Each state in the nation has it’s own quarter. Residents of the state of Nevada voted on the wild horse as representing the state. Apparently the quarter ranks eighth in popularity.

Ed Vogel writes: “In Nevada, you either love wild horses or hate them. Clearly more residents love them because in a public vote, conducted by then-state Treasurer Brian Krolicki in 2005, a scene of wild horses running across the desert was selected for the front of Nevada’s state quarter.

School children, in particular, voted for the wild horse design. Sorry, ranchers. About half of the nation’s wild horses live in Nevada, ranging from north to south.”

Read more here: http://www.reviewjournal.com/nevada-150/wild-horse-design-nevada-s-state-quarter-proves-popular


Our wild horses and burros are a treasure immeasurable by a dollar sign. The riches they give us extend into our very souls.

Share your story of how our wild horses and burros have inspired you by emailing them to: wildhorseeducation@gmail.com with “Inspire” in the subject line.