Wild Horse Healing (a path to voice)

Lorraine Turner, author and illustrator, will be going on a US book tour to promote Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail  As a part of this tour she will be teaching Child/Parent Equine Water Color Workshops.

The book 

Divorce and Round Ups (Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail)

Learn what happens when a kid navigating the canyons of a broken family meets the trapped mustangs being ripped from their herd. Lorraine Turner offers young readers a chance to discover how they can overcome struggles and help others in her first book Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail. Although this story is fictional, it was inspired by the plight of the wild horses being rounded up by the US government and torn from their home on the range.

````Poster_webedited-2The Workshops

“Connecting with the spirit of the horse enables us to speak through art. It was through this connection that I was able to write and illustrateCalico Horses and the Patchwork Trail.” said Lorraine.

Workshops have been scheduled at a couple of wild horse sanctuaries as a benefit for those that participate and the sanctuary.

Lorraine contacted Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education (WHE) and they began a conversation about a possible workshop. However when Leigh found out that Lorraine was preparing to give a workshop where the participants could not afford the supplies to paint, it was with great pleasure that WHE offered to sponsor this event instead. The workshop is geared for 70 participants at the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

“I have often called the work WHE does the greatest piece of art I have ever been involved in creating. Often we are in need of the supplies to express our voice for the wild horses and burros,” said Leigh, “This gave us a chance to help others find their creative voice through the wild horse. It is almost like a perfect circle.”

The workshop is to benefit parents and children at the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.