BLM and the slaughter pipeline

The article first published in ProPublica written by Dave Philipps is still making a stir in very credible, progressive news media. Here is a link to a Interview with Philipps by Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow: 

Please listen to the Interview. This man came out curious about public lands and the volatility of the wild horse issue. He is a journalist, not a wild horse advocate. Please listen to him all the way to the end. He is articulate and intelligent and by the end of the piece you can almost see the birth of an advocate in his eyes. (note: there are several people, even some advocates, that are unhappy with the release of this article, but I implore you to listen to the message. He does quote BLM numbers and other info but he says many of these things to keep the issue folded on the single area he investigated and (as most journalists) he may write on other issues as he investigates further.This journalist should be encouraged to stay on these issues. At every RAC, state and National meeting sale authority is a big topic of conversion with a push to implement all of it’s authorities, we need to raise our voices that this not acceptable, before policy changes again).