The “Betrayed” in Carson City

Diamond baby born in captivity awaiting release with his mom. Instead he was taken from his mom and will never know his real home

Diamond baby born in captivity awaiting release with his mom. Instead he was taken from his mom and will never know his real home

This page is a feature designed to HIGHLIGHT the young wild horses at the Carson City facility available NOW on the BLM INTERNET ADOPTION. Click on the text to go to the BLM page! you can then see them side by side (click on Carson City) with our report on the wild horses  and see the story of the wild horses!

The wild horses listed on the “Carson City” link for the current Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Internet Adoption were “born in a holding facility.” Mares are captured while pregnant from various ranges and transported into holding. Every one of these babies was conceived in the wild and born behind bars. In this case literally “in prison” at the Carson Correctional Facility in Nevada.

Featured in this adoption event are the babies born to the “Diamond 30.” The Diamond 3o were wild horses set aside for their genetic contribution to the herd and scheduled for release back to the range (SEE HERE). However an uprising of protest took place from the livestock producers in the area. A flyover was then ordered and more horses than anticipated were found. All evidence points to an exodus of horses from the Triple B Complex, yet with no explanation. The Diamond 30 were never released and went for adoption. These babies already have one strike in a “three strikes” system that may very well have them deemed “sale authority” before they reach their first birthday. (READ about sale authority HERE)

This area became so hotly contested as the overused ranges and drought continued to create restrictions for livestock producers. This area is “ground zero” for the current litigation by the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) that demands broad scale removals of wild horses across the state of Nevada and their literal destruction through killing. (you can read about it HERE)

Wild Horse Education filed on January 27, 2014 to intervene in federal court on behalf of the wild horses (READ HERE)

Yet these poor babies have been caught in this fight. No home, no family and on the verge of “two strikes.” 5826, 5828, 5832, 5833, 5836, 5839, 5840, 5844….. a number now in BLM “inventory.”

To READ about the Diamond ROUNDUP and other horses offered for adoption from Diamond at PVC, click the text


A home they will never know

The rest of the babies listed at Carson City are all from “unknown” mares. All mares are tagged and branded. Yet they are then released into a mixed population of wild horses captured from various Herd Management Areas (HMA). It is not that the origin is “unknown,” it is that it is not recorded. “Weaning time” means running the group of mares and pulling off all the foals at the same time. No one has matched babes and moms and each baby has lost everything, even it’s own history in that moment.

So if you have space and are looking to adopt a wild horse, these babies need a chance.

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