Stay Safe and Help Us Fight!

This has been an intense year for so many of you, our wild places and the wild horses we love. We continue the battle against abuses.  Abuse happens during roundups, in holding and when critical resources like water are denied to those still free. Abuse happens when politics pushes a dangerous agenda like the brutal spaying of mares set to begin later this month. We are in the thick of the battle.

Year end fundraising is critical for all nonprofits. But the work is intense and we do not have the time or resources to plan events to help us meet our critical year end needs.
WHE has been offered a very limited quantity of wild horse masks, through a discount by Laurel Burch studios, to use as “thank you” gifts to our supporters. We received half of the number of masks we expected because demand has been so high. The masks are high quality double layer fabric, a wire noseband and adjustable beads on the ear loops.
We wish we could send every single one of you a mask to help you stay safe and show your support for the wild ones! WHE is tiny and must cover the cost of the mask, mailing and then use the remainder to help us fund the fight! We hope you understand.
For a limited time any contribution of $50. or more will receive this beautiful mask as our gift!  Do not forget to fill out the mailing address section as you make your contribution to the work of WHE!
Quantities are extremely limited! We can only make this offer for the next 48 hours to make sure we can get you you mask! This kick off for WHE end of year fundraising expires on midnight, Thursday November 12.
Do not forget to include your mailing address! 
If you are looking to order something as a holiday gift for the wild horse lover in your life, you can still order a WHE shirt for 6 more days!
WHE thank you for helping us to stay in this fight for our treasured wild ones! 
Stay safe and warm and fight on!