Special Project: Sheldon Mares and Foals

New life at Sheldon NWR...

New life at Sheldon NWR…

Wild Horse Education has been working on gaining protections for the Sheldon Mustangs from slaughter. You can read about some of the history of our work here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/wild-horse-news-wednesday-weekly/ Most recently litigation was key in removing a notorious contractor from the list for this year http://wildhorseeducation.org/2014/07/01/breaking-news-sheldon-litigation-ended-but-fight-to-protect-wild-horses-not-over/ However Sheldon officials failed to provide a list of approved contractors for 2014 and a plan moving forward (so the work is not completed). Yet we have expectation that an announcement will be coming shortly.

A wild horse on Sheldon, still free in 2014

A wild horse on Sheldon, still free in 2014, bears the mark of permanent sterilization

Of contractors we know are approved: One (as yet un-named is taking two loads (about 60-80)  horses for sanctuary, Carr’s is taking horses for their adoption program (long standing contractor but number of horses contracted unknown), Mustang Project is taking one or two loads (30-60) for sanctuary  and one is taking all mares and foals and younger horses are very pregnant mares. The last contractor is Phyllis Strecker. Last year Phyllis felt that the babies (there were two) born in holding were too young to make the trip. WHE agreed to take them. One of the mares broke her neck on a panel prior to shipping and Sheldon officials say they adopted the foal out locally. The other pair was our Rosie and Kidron http://wildhorseeducation.org/2014/05/24/in-loving-memory/

Rosie and Kidron

Rosie and Kidron

This year we stand ready to assist again with mares and foals in foster. Our ability to help is limited only by resources. Fencing, food and vet supplies need to be on hand prior to any new horses coming to WHE. It is not our policy to take in horses first and then find the resources, we currently have a lot of important work that we can not jeopardize.

If you would like to help “Operation Sheldon” be on deck to create a safe landing place for Sheldon mares and foals (that will be available for adoption at a later date here in the West. There are no adoption locations for Sheldon horses coming off the range in Nevada) please consider making a donation.

Kidron today, our rescued Sheldon foal from the 2013 roundup.

Kidron today, our rescued Sheldon foal from the 2013 roundup.

“These horses have often given my heart and soul sanctuary on the range,” said WHE founder and President Laura Leigh “Now after fighting to stop them from going to slaughter it is our turn to provide the most vulnerable a safe place to land.”

Thank you.

UPDATE: We built a shelter and enclosure. However the USFWS refused to allow the transfer of horses after receiving multiple phone calls and correspondence making claims about what WHE was publishing about Sheldon and the roundup contractor. An article was published in NV Rancher that made claims we were engaged in hate speech and several other inaccurate accusations. The adoption contractor that was going to transfer horses to us (we never had a direct contract with Sheldon that was part of the “calls” Sheldon received from members of the public that were attempting to hurt our effort) felt pressured to not transfer horses to us in fear of not getting her shipment. We were essentially told to “keep our mouth shut” and then there might be a transfer of horses.

In our updates on Sheldon we informed the public of this occurrence directly in the posts. We said we would keep the shelter open for other horses in need, but would not cave to the “keep your mouth shut.”

We documented the Sheldon horses and were the only group to “be there at the end.” We thank you for helping us to continue that documentation. All posts on Sheldon can be found by putting Sheldon in the search bar. 

At this time there is a new round of defamatory actions occurring in social media and this post that has not been public on our website since before the end of the Sheldon operation is now receiving multiple hits in an attempt to discredit us once again. So we have updated directly on this page.

It is extremely unfortunate that there are many that claim to “advocate for horses” but have no agenda other than to hurt our efforts. We tracked the horses that were supposed to come to us. It appears that many have suffered the identical fate that we fought so hard to stop, shipment to auction. A full report is being prepared and will be sent to members of Congress.

Our gaol is $3,500 for initial expenses. Fundraising thermometer is at the bottom of the website.

Taking in mares and foals has a huge initial expense that includes shelter, vaccines, worming, feed, supplements etc. We must also be prepared to deal with any issue that could arise in a vulnerable individual. Sheldon horses have experienced a helicopter roundup almost every single year for the last decade and fertility experiments. The horses have been through a lot. Every donation adds up to help us “step up” and be there.

We built the “set up” but as posted previously did not continue this fundraiser for ongoing support as those that attempted to hurt our ability to bring a few mares and foals here were successful in their destruction of that effort. The shelters and pens stand ready to assist with issues likely to continue to arise in other areas. Unfortunately, there is never a shortage of horses needing help. We will post when we find those that will use the shelters for ongoing assistance. Each shelter cost $1,700. We erected two with funds received and purchased gates that took us over the donations received. The shelters are in use by other rescues by WHE in foster. We thank you for caring. We notified appropriate donors and they agreed  that we should not be silent.

A book is in the works that includes the constant harassment against our efforts.

We have been documenting horses on the range and will bring you the full story in our short documentary to be released after the roundup in 2014.

To assist with our other work (field investigations, rescue, litigation) please go to http://WildHorseEducation.org/donate