Sheldon Action

Some of the horses left at Sheldon

Some of the horses left at Sheldon

URGENT!!! Just moments after this alert was finalized the Judge ordered that the government respond by 2 pm tomorrow. Just moments after her Order Sheldon announced that it would ship TODAY!

Please check the list of committee members and if one of them is YOUR Representative PLEASE pick up the phone and call them!

Sheldon MUST be accountable!

On Friday Wild Horse Education filed new action in Reno federal district court to protect the horses of Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (USFWS). The action is based on new information that raises serious doubts that the horses removed from Sheldon this year and given to Mississippi contractor J&S Associates are being protected from slaughter.

An investigation completed earlier this year into J&S by Sheldon officials stated several areas of concern including an inability to account for horses, lack of care for foals and even that some had admittedly gone to auction. After failing to find a new contractor, and increasing the number of horses to be removed, Sheldon stated that 252 horses and $293,000 would be given to J&S.

During a hearing to stop any horses from going to J&S based on prior conduct from 2010-1012 the Director of Sheldon, John Kasbohm, reasured the court that sufficient changes were made to the contract and that it was clear that these horses were to be appropriately cared for and were NOT to go to SLAUGHTER.

Serious questions have arisen to the disposition of the horses sent to J&S yet again.

An employee, representing J&S, posted on Facebook that they had 130 wild horses “unbranded” through a government contact that needed “gone asap.” “Back up and we load em,” was the sales pitch.

It was confirmed that these horses being given away by the trailer load were indeed Sheldon horses at J&S. These horses have been leaving J&S at a rate that could never be matched by any adoption program in the nation.

PLEASE Take the time to write or call Members of the US Senate Committee that oversees USFWS, House Committee Members and Director Daniel Ashe of USFWS 

Please be respectful. We know that this alert is not a fast action and will take some time to complete. However this may be the last chance for 108 of the descendants of America’s War Horses~ Thank you

Sample (you can use the sample letter and copy and paste or use as a template to create your own, or if you prefer the click and send AWHPC has created a click and send template)


I am writing to you about an urgent matter. The horses removed from Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge may be in danger of going to slaughter contrary to the management plans and reassurances to the public by Refuge staff that they are not. Documents filed in Reno federal district court outline some serious doubt that claims made are true.

I ask you to do the following:

1. Please halt the shipment of the last wild horses held at the Virgin Valley Corrals at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada.

2. Place horses in an alternative situation. Horses could be sent to the other existing contractors, work with advocacy groups to place horses or if no placement is possible please return them to the range.

3. Before shipping any additional horses, or renewing the contract, please account for the safety all horses shipped from the refuge. If concerns are valid please find alternatives to place Sheldon horses.

These horses are important to American military history and are treasured by many Americans today. Please protect these horses.


Suggested recipients: USFWS Director Daniel M. Ashe,

Members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

And please… take a moment to see if any of the members of the House Committee are your Representative. If they are, please write:

The Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs consists of 18 Members, 10 Republicans and 8 Democrats.