Twin Peaks, CA 2010

Video from Twin Peaks 2010

BLM “gather update” page:

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They walk horses in, don’t they?


Collum says in the Times interview that wranglers have to match the pace of horses. Helicopters are the best way because they can keep horses to the pace they set.

I think he meant the pace that the helicopters sets…

Twin Peaks

Working on the response to BLM in the Contempt case. Effort needs your support.

Why are we here?


I was asked that question by the New York Times videographer Clare Major as she was held back at the “public observation” area and not given the same access as her colleagues just days before.

I let her know that even though I had submitted press credentials prior to the gather, and was present the day her colleagues were there, yet I was NOT allowed access. That on the day she was there my editor, Steven Long of Horseback, had resubmitted what BLM now called credentials and if she got access… so would the Team from Horseback.

That day only two horses were gathered. Two geldings from a supposed previous gather that I have not seen since.

Here is the NYTimes video:

Here is mine.

I finally did get access. But it took me 12 days and an awful lot of gymnastics. I still have not been allowed to approach the gather pens that the Times footage shows they did. 12 day… it took the NYTimes 24 hours.

During that twelve days Jeff Fontana (BLM) and I had a dialogue that began every morning that started like this… “So Jeff, let’s start the dance.” I have to say that Jeff was in a tough spot. He had pressure from every side, but he continued to try. That’s more than I can say for most Field Offices.

This week we are back in Nevada… no more California.

Tom Gorey of the BLM has been out here. He said he is going to work on a National observation protocol and try to use California as a model. Yet of course he added the “disclaimer” that it “will take time.”

Time we don’t have. Not with the current “I know the brakes don’t work but I’m hitting the gas anyway” mentality in the bureau right now. If this years gather schedule completes and what we see shaping up for 2011… Salazar will have pushed his “few treasured herds” proposal through without Congressional approval.

We NEED this protocol to STOP. A Moratorium MUST accompany any study done on a 30 year old program based on guesswork that has flawed data plugged in to create irreversible damage to our symbol of American Freedom.

Stories and pics soon…


Working on a story for Horseback.

I just have time to share a single photo tonight.

This system based on 20-30 year old guesswork that has inadequate data plugged in to make far reaching and irreversable decisions runs full steam

In it’s wake wild families are being torn apart.

This stallion (with his son at his side) continually calls to his mare. She calls back… her son looks just like her.

I need to get to bed but I urge you all to keep calling the White House and Congress. We need a Congressional Injunction asap and this program evaluated top to bottom.

So, BLM, when is foaling season?


also note “new birth” off limits to public view on 8/25.Several mares are pregnant.And when you hear the wind think open oven filled with alkali dust… it’s no cool breeze out there.

Rough Cut (TwinPeaks)


I apologize for the rough cut. Lots to write about soon.

Twin Peaks Pics III


Not much to say… or perhaps not enough time to type all my thoughts…?

Today BLM had us head out to the trap site. We were aprox. 1 mile from the mouth of the trap and visibility into the trap was obscured by trees.

Helicopters took off at 7:14. We saw three horses head into the trap at full speed when we arrived. We observed no other horses captured but we heard the helicopters to the east. We were told wind was a factor.

After about 4 hourse we left the trap site and headed out to look around. We saw the horses at Twin Peaks just being wild horses.

Then we stopped at Litchfield… and saw the captives.

Heading to bed.

A Simple Quote and Pictures


I found a simple quote today that I thought I would share:

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

That said… here are some more pictures from Twin Peaks… video shortly.

Twin Peaks (photos)



Just some photos I took today.

Hubba Hubba

These horses rely on their band structure for survival. It is always so hard to watch them loose their homes and the comfort of family. Yet even in the most trying of times they are so incredible to behold. The comfort they give to each other as they struggle with lameness from the round…. just sharing a few images from today.
I’ll look for some of the ones I took when they were free last Spring…