Sulphur Springs, UT 2010

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link to BLM gather page:

Sulphur Springs Video


Video of Sulpher Springs HMA, Utah Roundup. Trap/Treat/release of 250. 30 to be removed for adoption. Weather is making it slow going. Hope to make it back for release….



Don’t know how long the connection will hold… but want to share some photos of yesterday.

Day 2 we went out and the roundup was called off due to wind.

Today they flew for just a few hours in the afternoon. Nine today. Weather came in last night more expected over the weekend to all of Nevada and Western Utah.

No horses day 2
Waiting to go home
Dad protecting his son

Our briefs are all finished… we are awaiting Judge Hicks.

Sulpher Springs begins


Roundup of 250 and removal of 30 began today at Sulpher Springs… Internet bad… reports coming soon.

Day 1: Sulpher Springs