Bald Mountain, NV 2010

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Bald Mountain Video


First leg of the Callaghan Complex. Trap, treat (PZP-22) and release. About 400 will be removed, about 1000 rounded up. For the entire Complex (Bald Mountain, Callaghan, New Pass/ Ravenswood) will be aprox. 875 left on the range. Battle Mountain District may have more mining than any other district and a  lot of grazing interests.

Counties Eureka, Lander, Nye….

(video is labeled “2011″ because it is on trhe fiscal 2011 schedule. I think geography in terms of HMA’s and time by thr roundup schedule….)

Bald Mountain


Freezing fog and wind grounded Sun J

This roundup is in an interesting geographical location. LOTS of allotment fencing and LOTS of mining…. but they didn’t fly this am.

Bald Mountain mareBald Mountain mare
Temporary Holding
Bitter Cold