Augusta, NV 2010

NOTE: Augusta was scheduled to be “treat and release.” At the operation BLM changed the “plan” and removed the horses.
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Action for Augusta


I recently went to the Augusta HMA to learn what I could and bring you some photos. If you have not submitted comment please read below and follow the link to the AWHPC action page.

Augusta Stallion

The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is accepting comments on its “Wild Horse Gather Plan” for the Augusta Mountains Herd Management Area (HMA) in Nevada. The plan entails the helicopter roundup of 334 wild horses during January 2011 in order to administer the PZP anti-fertility drug to the mares and to remove approximately 50 horses who live outside the invisible HMA boundaries.

The proposed treat-and-release plan is a step in the right direction toward managing horses on the range and eliminating or reducing the need for future removals. We remain concerned, however, about the dangerous winter timing of the proposed roundup, as well as the roundup method, which will destroy wild horse family bands. We also oppose the plan to permanently remove 50 horses living outside the HMA. We need to urge the agency to begin to address the longer-term flaws of the wild horse program, including artificially low Appropriate Management Levels, unfair allocation of resources within designated wild horse and burro areas, and destruction of predators that provide natural population control. Finally we must urge the agency to ensure transparency by providing public access to observe all all aspects of the proposed roundup.

If you have not taken action go to AWHPC page for quick “click and send” option.