Roundups 2015

We will never forget you, Little Fish Lake

We will never forget you, Little Fish Lake

The “roundup fiscal year” begins in Sept of the previous year and runs through August. The BLM roundup schedule can be found here:

You can find ongoing observation reports by using the search bar on this website and typing in an operation name, like “Fish Creek,” and you will find reports and background info on each area. 

Humbolt HA "zero out" 2015

Humbolt HA “zero out” 2015

Many of these operations were covered by WHE. Our time is limited to do individualized pages for each operation as a distinct standing page to link in the drop down on 2015. Please be patient as we load content.

The last operation of the “winter” portion of the schedule saw a release back to the range of wild horses from Fish Creek.

We will update this page at the end of the 2015 schedule.