Reveille Release

At the release in 2014 I stood there with one BLM person. The contractor threatened me and told me not to take pictures. Of course I took pictures and posted them for you back then. I also, later, got a request from those involved in the roundup because they wanted to buy one of the pics. I told them I would give them the photo but they had to leave my watermark on it. Needless to say, they never answered.

In 2017, after a bunch of drama and legal threats from the contractor that will be discussed in webinar, I went out with the IC, Field manager, public affairs and law enforcement. The contractor tried to make it hard to document, but we even had a rainbow. (We had a legal fight, that many are unaware of, throughout the entire roundup and beyond. It was claimed that our work was hurting the “relationship” of contractor and BLM. We were litigating BLM, never the contractor. BLM is the responsible party and we never made claims otherwise.)

Now the real work begins… we must engage deep into Land Use Planning and address the loss of habitat, the inequity in practice.

A roundup actually begins long before a helicopter flies. That work is becoming more urgent each and every day.

But each release reminds us that there are wild ones that desperately need a voice. An educated advocate is needed more than ever.


Together we can create the changes needed to preserve and protect our wild horses for future generations.


The rainbow was so intense many of the horses looked in that direction as they ran back home. Each release reminds us that there is more to fight for….