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Facts on PZP and why

Introduction by Laura Leigh. I tell our volunteers to analyze issues, law and tools available. I tell them to look for facts, not farts (I know, brash and inappropriate). A lot of […]

The Wild in Wild Horses, the land they stand on (public land seizure movement, segment five)

Part one; overview, big picture: Part two; some of the “wild horse” set up: Part three; a barometer tool for you: Section four; is the new frontier, the internet (footnote; if you […]

Tonopah (Paymaster/Montezuma) NV 2010

Reposted from Laura Leigh’s Blog BLM “gather update” page: Tonopah 19102010 It has been a bit of a “rough trek” trying to report to all of you the treatment of our horses […]

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