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Fish Creek Day 3

Day 3 133 captured. Total captured so far 267. Two newborns came in today expected to ship with mares to PVC. Our expectation is that trap will move either tomorrow afternoon or Tues […]

Fish Creek Day 2

Day 2 saw 98 wild horses captured. Very long day. Still photos offloaded and processed (over 5000 frames with two cameras running). Video offloading now and will take at least two hours. […]

The Wild in Wild Horses, the land they stand on (public land seizure movement, segment five)

Part one; overview, big picture: Part two; some of the “wild horse” set up: Part three; a barometer tool for you: Section four; is the new frontier, the internet (footnote; if you […]

Mini Resume

Wild Horse Education (WHE) is a tiny organization with a strong track record. Many utilize WHE as a credible source of information, protocol advice and how to engage the legal process. Our litigation […]

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