Is it Bad Enough For YOU? (Video)

Music video of the song “Is it Bad Enough for You?” by Maria Daines.

Video and photography by Laura Leigh


Note about the video from Laura:

“This video is bits and pieces of roundups from the last year. What the video doesn’t tell you is context. The winter scenes were shot in sub-zero temperatures.  Many of the horses died of respiratory illness or ‘unknown causes’ behind the closed doors of BLM’s iron gate of secrecy. One of the young colt’s pictured died later had his feet literally separated from the bone… and he wasn’t the only one. The pilot at the largest winter roundup last season flew reckless. He shattered families and repeatedly targeted single horses at close range. This program that needs serious reform runs full steam ahead… right over our rights as it is literally wiping out any hope of viable herds left wild.”

WHE fought hard, years in fact, to gain the daily access to roundups allowed today. A 5 year legal battle up and down the court system, joined by the Reporters Committee for a Free Press and 15 news organizations nationwide.

WHE fought years to gain a humane handling policy. WHE is the only organization in history to take issues of inhumane treatment into a courtroom. We were told it was impossible to win. We did not just win one time, we won over and over and over.

On the range we have stopped unjustified removals (through legal filings and simply by presenting range data), removed a notorious kill buyer off the federal roster from receiving more mustangs from Fish and Wildlife, drafted site specific management plans, participated in testimony to the Government Accounting Office (GAO) and Office of the Inspector General. Our work currently walks the halls of Congress to bring the truth of the range into politics.

“Wild” wild horses are part of public land management. Changing politics, climate and protocol make this a lifelong commitment.

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(This video had received nearly 4 million views before we pulled it off of YouTube due to constant copyright violation. These violations were not just from regular citizens, they were from organizations claiming, or misleading, the work as their own. Be careful on social media.)


Highlighted videos from the last decade of roundups:

(We will be updating this page shortly to include a recap of a decade of roundups. WHE has the largest library in the world of wild horse captures in the last decade; larger by far than any org and even the federal government. The birthday of WHE is next month. A million miles in this fight. We will have news on our celebration and ways you can join in coming soon!)