Is it Bad Enough For YOU?

New Music video of the song “Is it Bad Enough for You?” by Maria Daines.

Video and photography by Laura Leigh

Note about the video from Laura:

“This video is bits and pieces of roundups from the last year. What the video doesn’t tell you is context. The winter scenes were shot in sub-zero temperatures.  Many of the horses died of respiratory illness or ‘unknown causes’ behind the closed doors of BLM’s iron gate of secrecy. One of the young colt’s pictured died after his feet literally separated from the bone… and he wasn’t the only one. The pilot at the largest winter roundup last season flew reckless. He shattered families and repeatedly targeted single horses at close range. This program that needs serious reform runs full steam ahead… right over our rights as it is literally wiping out any hope of viable herds left wild.”

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