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Babies run in extreme heat for miles and miles at Triple B

Babies run in extreme heat for miles and miles at Triple B

(edited: in 2015 the first humane handling policy in the history of the Act was placed into contracts. Accountability is now the key word)

This article is from 2014. WHE won the battle to gain the frame for a welfare policy, after years of litigation, in 2015. In 2019 the fight has become to improve and enforce it. (update HERE)

The need to push hard for an actual humane care policy program wide has never been greater. There will be removals scheduled and we must have a humane policy in place before one more wild horse or burro is removed from public land. A couple if the removals will be done citing” drought” as an emergency to justify removals. Several of these plans will involve areas where there is little water and wild horses will be run for miles and miles in the heat with new babies at their sides.

In the past we have seen these summer removals occur with inappropriate handling including hot shots used on babies and pregnant mares. We have seen babies killed by the BLM saying they are “deformed” because their unformed tendons could not handle the stampedes.

The actions of Wild Horse Education in the field and at roundups have gained multiple Orders from the court to conduct. This includes the first TRO and Preliminary Injunction in history after our cameras caught a helicopter pilot strike an exhausted wild horse. It is more than frustrating that we must hold BLM accountable to basic humane handling in the courts, but that is what we have had to do. We have current cases still active in court.

After being stampeded, and families shattered, wild horses and burros are sent to facilities that have no shade or infectious disease policy. At a recent meeting of the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Joan Guilfoyle, BLM Chief of the program, said that instead of creating shelters at facilities they are thinking about removing it as a requirement for adoption. Instead of doing the right thing BLM will simply create a protocol that allows for more wrong to happen.

Wild Horse Education has the most inclusive, consecutive, library of documentation from range through holding than exists anywhere in recent years. Based on that documentation and our litigation that has gained court orders against BLM conduct at roundups more than demonstrates a need for the adoption of a specific uniform policy for handling of wild horses and burros.

WE ALL must take Action. Wild Horse Education must be ready to fight more battles in the courts. YET WE MUST make every attempt to urge BLM to create a humane handling policy and follow it.

Killed after being run miles and miles.

Killed after being run miles and miles.

Please join us in this action. Wild Horse Education will do a mass mailing to key representatives in Congress and the BLM. But we ask that YOU take action. We must be the voice for our wild horses and burros!

ITEM EXPIRED (from 2014)

Please take one of these actions for a Humane Handling Policy TODAY:

1. Download the pdf below and email or fax to your representatives. Please email or fax to Sally Jewell the head of the Department of Interior, Joan Guilfoyle the current BLM Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief, Neil Kornze the acting Director of the BLM and Edwin Roberson Assistant Director of Renewable Resources (wild horses and burros.)

2. Write your own letter to the above mentioned individuals.

If you do not have time to send your own letters or to download our pdf to email or FAX (personal letters with citations or factual attachments are always best) please add your name to our lists.

3. Add your name to the Pledge here:

4. Add your name to the 6 point challenge to the BLM here:

Emails and addresses for you to write your own letter. We encourage you to download the pdf and attach to your letter urging BLM to take humane handling seriously and stop denying the evidence:

Neil Kornze, BLM acting Director, email: Fax: 202-208-5242

Edwin Roberson, Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning (includes wild horses and burros) Fax: 202-208-5010 E-mail:

Joan Guilfoyle, BLM Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief, email:

Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior, Phone: (202) 208-3100 E-Mail:


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Find your Representatives HERE:




WHE has created a downloadable pdf for you to email and FAX! We make it easy to take credible action.


Ad if you can Please help us get to the range, roundups and courts. Without you our work can not continue. Donate HERE. We are continuing action in federal court against unjustified removals, humane handling and our right to observe.