Happy Birthday Marie!

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On this Memorial Day ,WHE volunteer Marie Milliman celebrates her birthday. Marie joined WHE in late 2016 and rapidly became a vital part of our CAWP (welfare) team at roundups. The fight against abuse fueled a fire in her and her commitment galvanized. We appreciate all you do! 

Happy Birthday! 


Marie at her first roundup in February 2017. 

As Marie spent time with her two adopted mustangs and her burro this weekend she spent time contemplating the value horses have contributed to her own life, and the history of the world.

Marie was inspired by the poems “God made a Farmer” and “God Made a Dog.”

And on the 6th day God looked down and said, “I need a place for the winds of heaven to grace the Earth. A nobel creature. The wind of heaven to blow between their ears.” 

So, God created a horse.

God said, “I need a mighty but sentient being who will be agile and remain loyal to partner beside others with the evolution of and the progress on earth. Somebody that will do your bidding, look you in the eye and see through to your soul and choose to serve you anyway.

I need somebody who will follow your lead into battle, carry the calvary, bolster morale for the soldiers, not wince or retreat from the sound and threat of artillery, alert for the presence of an enemy — even when the path is treacherous, then give their life when you’ve taken a wrong turn.”

So, God created a horse.


Calvary horse stands over the body of a soldier. Click image to read about “America’s War Horses.” 

God said, “I need a vulnerable yet, spiritual companion to soothe the young and old, a smooth mane and neck to bury a face and breathe in from, so dignified that they will be revered and loved from near and afar, that their beauty and essence will enchant you and draw you to them regardless of their size and power.

I need somebody that can be trusted and physically endure past the point of the human imagination to climb towering mountains, traverse rivers and canyons, float across the plains, negotiate blazing deserts and survive the harshest of climates.”


So, God created a horse.

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God said, “When times seem dark I need somebody that just the honor of being in their presence of is enough to lift the spirits, that the sound of a soft nicker is a symphony to the ears and a somebody that can provide solace with a muzzle so soft that it is impossible not to kiss. That their acceptance of our terms is unconditional even though it may fall short of what is justified.

I need somebody who will accept a harness and bit, who will plough the fields, pull the wagons, pack heavy loads, then even when they’re at the end of their reserves, carry you home when the day’s work is done. Who will appreciate but not be guaranteed any payment other than a sentimental touch, mutual respect, a tender voice, aid when it is needed and who will exponentially return these gestures with faithfulness and devotion.”

So, God created a horse.

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And, finally God said, “I need a unique combination of adaptable horses that will be created in such a breathtaking form, that they will unwittingly steal the hearts of millions– that their unbreakable family bonds will be admired by those that are fortunate enough to know of them. They will be fierce when necessary and kind in nature. They will be resourceful, intelligent, versatile, and gritty to survive. They will have helped man to; expand his horizons, to provide shelter for his family, to communicate between longer distances, to carry him to hunt for food that would have been unattainable and to manage his livestock, to bear him through the atrocities of wars, to assist in mining the treasures of the earth, to support in upholding the law, to draw ambulances and fire trucks and ultimately help to save lives.”  

So, God created a Mustang…

But, for that which he had assumed of man and as a result of their gratitude for the horse/Mustang; to not destroy them with greed for their personal wealth, that the riches of the land were meant for equitable use for all that he created. That to segregate and choke their native habitat with grotesque, twisted barbed wire fences and cattle guards to restrain the imported foreign species of cattle and sheep, that the formidable barriers would separate them from life sustaining natural water sources and the abundance of varieties of native seasonal forage. That the poisoning of the Earth with the chemicals and processes of mining could harm all his creations, including man. That the integrity and morals of man, whom they were integral partners in the progress of their societies, economics and growth would betray them and fail to respect those that were of irreplaceable value at a time not so long ago. That the responsibility of stewardship lies in man’s hands for his entire, incredible, awe inspiring, diverse creations. 

In memory and with deepest gratitude for the tragic loss of lives in the pursuit of Freedom and Democracy. Rest in peace and may God bless your souls.


All of us at WHE wish you a a Happy Birthday and thank you for your devotion to our wild ones and the work you do in the fight to protect them. 


To read more about America’s war horses: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/11/11/americas-war-horses/

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