Fish Creek Day 2

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Day 2 saw 98 wild horses captured. Very long day. Still photos offloaded and processed (over 5000 frames with two cameras running). Video offloading now and will take at least two hours. Will edit video and upload a midpoint piece soon. Today we shot video primarily for each roping, run and processing so you can see things in motion. Will edit at trap if time allows tomorrow.

Today was a very long day.

"Raul," Winter 2014, Fish Creek

“Raul,” Winter 2014, Fish Creek

Raul’s band was captured today. His lead mare, Julia, is just about to foal. It is expected that they will both be returned to the range.

Winter 2014, Fish Creek family (Julia is the palomino)

Winter 2014, Fish Creek family (Julia is the palomino)

day 1 here:


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