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Nevada's wild horses

Nevada’s wild horses

Wild Horse Education is a small, highly dedicated, group of those that give their time and efforts to gain protections for wild horses and burros from abuse slaughter and extinction. The vast majority of our time since our inception has been to run a literal marathon from range to range to collect data. That data is then turned into various reports and videos appropriate to share with the public, media outlets and primarily with the federal court system.

Our attorneys have worked primarily on a pro bono basis with us covering out of pocket cost that include filing fees, bonds we have had to place when we win TROs, meals and transport, printing and mailing costs. We have learned to do research, prep and multiple other tasks to utilize the time we are given as wisely as possible.

Our work is not supported by any parent organization or corporate sponsorship allowing us to keep our focus on the needs of wild horses and burros and not any other agenda. We receive no corporate funding or outside sponsorship. All of what WHE does is funded by people like you.

As our resources are slim we have focused on creating the documentation required to gain appropriate attention to the plight of our wild ones. Yet we have been able to gain significant changes in access and humane care. Our documentation has stopped removals. We are working on alternate management strategies and much more.

There is this very strange concept that somehow we advocate for profit. Hence the creation of this page. Please be patient as we add more information. Yet we hope this gives you an overview of “what we have vs what we do with it.” We have looked at the statement of other orgs to find examples of presentation. We found a Pie Chart from HSUS and a report from 2012 from AWHPC (a wild horse organization). We will work on expanding this page to closer resemble others. We are very proud of what we have accomplished when you compare our limited funding.

* note Field Observation/Data Prep/Presentation of data includes all expenses needed to obtain, create and present documentation. For the purpose of this pie chart we have included gas, lodging, vehicle repair, etc. into one category as that category includes the non-stop marathon from range to court to media outlets and prep for content of website as often those expenses overlap. You can look at our overall yearly totals and see the percentage of resource utilized. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in those areas when you realize we are on the range more than any other observer and compare costs. ** Our fiscal Year begins in May.

Sheldon USFWS roundup, we are in active litigation to protect them from slaughter

Sheldon USFWS roundup, we are in active litigation to protect them from slaughter

Fiscal year (FY) 2013 (estimated) :

As our fiscal year just ended, and tax documents are being prepared, we have included and estimate based on quarterly example months (averaged). Roundups were mot as frequent in 2013. However our field data became important as we shutdown a roundup after filing litigation based on our data at Snowstorm. We continued active litigation and created new legal efforts that involved Sheldon USFWS, Owyhee, McDermitt and the First Amendment case that is now in Mediation through the Ninth Circuit. We are on file and ready to fight the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) as Interveners in the effort to literally destroy wild horses. We continued to work with media outlets including NBC, AP, Travel Chanel etc. We began a rescue program that included orphans from the McDermitt and Sheldon Mustangs.

We will update this section to include links and more specifics as we have them.


Fiscal year (FY) 2012:

You can see the below with live links here ( We will rewrite the following to provide similar synopsis to other orgs as time allows)

-March 2013- Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Advisory Board public education information to assist in crafting relevant comments. Crafted and submitted reports to Advisory Board. Gathering volunteers and beginning “Keep Them in The Wild” action campaign to address varied issues designed to keep wild herds in the wild. Continued legal action in Three Federal court cases addressing inhumane treatment, lack of adequate information for removals and access to wild horses and burros from range through adoption, sale or death: Owyhee HERE. Gained another decision in the TripleB/Jackson Mountain case that keeps all areas open in Discovery as we head to hearing on the underlying case READ HERE. Working on several issues pending at the state level in Nevada including the Bill to ban horse tripping and language to promote tourism and protection in Nevada. WHE president Laura Leigh shot video of horse tripping and gave testimony at the hearing. “Movie Week” brought many issues to the public through use of video. The “finale” was the edit of roundups in 2012. Continued work with various media outlets. Continued range work to prepare for some of the issues that will face wild horses and burros in the coming year so we are ready with data as it is needed.

-February 2013- Reports prepared on Nevada Tri-RAC meeting. Prepared documents in the ongoing case for the Owyhee Complex Federal court case (heading for Preliminary Injunction hearing and underlying case). Continued efforts to address issues at the Diamond Complex including adoption and ongoing range issues as 30 horses await return to the range in spring. All work related to gathering witnesses, preparing case and the Hearing on the 2 1/2 year saga in Federal court on the “Press Freedom” case (that has already created a published opinion and new case law). Working on issues surrounding the Deer Run Herd in Carson city, meetings with BLM,state officials, media and coverage of the bait trap operation.

At Owyhee we have active litigation to inhumane treatment and unjustified removals

At Owyhee we have active litigation to inhumane treatment and unjustified removals. Horses being run through barbed wire.

-January 2013- Filed Complaint and Motions for Preliminary Injunction and Restraining Order (TRO) against the Owyhee Complex roundup. Inhumane Conduct and inaccuracies in identifying excess animals are addressed in the Motions. Jan. 4, 2013 the TRO was granted and operations halted. Judge allowed roundup to resume after hearing on Jan 10 and issued court expectations for humane care. Reply briefs filed in Owyhee, awaiting hearing date for Preliminary Injunction. Briefs filed in continuing Triple B (Jackson Mountain) case during Discovery. Prep for trial of First Amendment issues continued. Observations of the Diamond Complex roundup. Tri-RAC attended and reports prepped for mailing to members.


-December 2012- Coverage of the Owyhee roundup that began Nov 26 and ran through the 22nd of December. Continued work on both active cases (issues) for access and humane care.

-November 2012- Coverage of the Wassuk roundup. Owyhee roundup coverage begins. Continued hearings on First Amendment issue and Humane care. Continuation of investigations into wild horses going to slaughter (resulted in ProPublica Expose on killbuyer Tom Davis getting 1700 wild horses). Continued involvement into land use plan research.

– October 2012- Coverage of Antelope Complex 2012 roundup. Range survey work. Ongoing investigations (including BLM’s sale authority that leaves wild horses open to slaughter). Status conference hearings on the First Amendment case. RMP (land use plan) research and engagement.

– September 2012- Coverage of NE Great Basin RAC meeting where several very pertinent issues including upcoming roundups were discussed. Public scoping meeting on “eco-sanctuary” proposal attended and information given to the public. Status conference hearing with Federal Court Judge Larry Hicks on “press freedom, first amendment case,” fighting for access to the handling and care of our wild horses no matter where they are in the system. Research and field investigations on various issues continue. Release of ProPublica article by Dave Philipps connecting BLM to known killbuyer (WHE assisted investigation).

– August 2012- Coverage of the Nevada Department of Agriculture meeting and letter writing campaign. Wild Horse Territory Tribune (online newspaper collection of news releases updated daily from all around the wild horse and burro world) announced, run by WHE volunteer Connie J. Cunningham. Range data collection continues and is used to fight removals.

-July 2012- Drought monitoring within the state of Nevada. Documentation includes the Diamond drought report (Diamond Complex is currently being evaluated for a round by BLM in January of 2013). Investigation of foaling rate data in areas that include Jackson Mountain underway. Adoption assistance.

– June 2012 – the Honorable Judge Howard J. McKibben issued another Injunction to pilot conduct in the Triple B Complex case that was amended following a decision in the Ninth Circuit on another matter by the same Plaintiff and attorney that changed underlying case law.

-June 2012 – Suit filed to the Jackson Mountain roundup that attempted to use an area of finite emergency to gather the entire HMA during foaling season. TRO won. Coverage of the Jackson Mountain Roundup that included providing information to several publications and video for HLN. Various attempts made prior to roundup to address issues. Read case here. Range data collection.

-May 2012- Hold Your Wild Horses! Part 2 release to the public free (rough documentary in progress addressing legislative and various current legal issues). Participation in post roundup review with BLM personnel and recommendations included in documents. Range data collection.


Fiscal year (FY) 2011:

You can see the below with live links here ( We will rewrite the following to provide similar synopsis to other orgs as time allows)

-April 2012- Extensive work on First Amendment case and Humane conduct case. Tour and report of Broken Arrow.

– March 2012 –  Motion to reconsider the decision in the Triple B wild horse roundup “Inhumane” case was filed. The letter for reconsideration was based on the win in the First Amendment suit that created new case law no longer restriction argument to the duration of a roundup. Coverage of Bullfrog burro roundup.

– February 2012 – Ninth Circuit Court win – (reprinted with permission from Horseback Magazine) “In a Nevada case with far reaching First Amendment implications, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down a ruling by a Reno federal judge and remanded the complaint of a Horseback Magazine news photographer back to his court. Laura Leigh, a freelance photojournalist on general assignment to cover massive Bureau of Land Management roundups of wild horses in the American West, sought a temporary restraining order on grounds that her access to observe the capture process directly was being routinely denied by the federal Bureau of Land Management.” (Access became restricted following the publication by various individuals of images that the Agency had a hard time “explaining.” Leigh was one of those individuals. Discriminatory access and restrictions on holding facilities and records are also at issue. Read here what the suit asks for). Coverage of the Stone Cabin roundup and cooperative effort with BLM toward the trap site adoption event.

– January 2012 – Hearing on Amended Complaint Humane Care Triple B – That amended complaint sought to take an earlier motion past the end of the Triple B Roundup which ended when a Temporary Restraining Order was granted near the end of the roundup in August of 2011 after incidents of inappropriate treatment toward wild horses were witnessed. The Motion was denied based on the absence of the Triple B Complex from the 2012 roundup schedule. However the credibility of the documentation and the Issue, as well as Ms. Leigh’s broad standing was recognized by the Court and an “open door” to address these issues in the future was created by the Court. ALSO the hearing on the First Amendment suit in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that won the Appeal. Coverage of Calico Complex and Flanigan Roundups.
Jackson Mountain Roundup June 2012, TRO won to keep the agency accountable to their own policy

-December 2011- Analysis of Triple B team Review published in response to BLM’s investigation of the conduct that created a TRO in Federal Court in August 2011. Co-creation of the “Keep Their Light Shining” tribute to the passage of the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971. Candle Light Vigil with participants nationwide. Coverage of Calico Roundup. Range data collection.

When we cover roundups it includes tracking horses into holding. This mare gave birth after being run in February heavily pregnant at Antelope... her foal was euthanized.

When we cover roundups it includes tracking horses into holding. This mare gave birth after being run in February heavily pregnant at Antelope… her foal was euthanized.

-November 2011- Coverage Calico and High Rock Roundups. Tracking of holding facilities and adoption assistance.

-October 2011- Coverage of High Rock roundup. Hold Your Wild Horses! Part one (documentary in progress) released to the public. Tracking of holding facilities and adoption assistance. Range data collection

-September 2011- Amended Complaint filed in Triple B case. Coverage of Barren Valley Roundup.

-August 2011- Coverage of the Triple B roundup. Leigh filed suit and based on documentation gained the first TRO to inappropriate conduct (that TRO has created the basis for the ongoing case and reports etc that may result in the first standard of care in the history of the Act )

-July 2011- Coverage of Triple B roundup, Kiger/Riddle roundup, Sheldon USFWS survey.

– May and June 2011- Appeal Brief filed by Wild Horse Education in the First Amendment suit (including documentation compiling over 300 pages) in Ninth Circuit. Read Brief here: Broken Arrow documentation. “Is it Bad Enough for you” video released that has gained more than a million views.

-April 2011- Free Book released to public (in progress) that includes glossary terms, etc. Video documentation provided to several film makers.



We do the best we can with what we have, you can count on it. Wild Horse Education is devoted to gaining protections from abuse, slaughter and extinction for our wild horses and burros. Please help if you can.