Documents: Broken Arrow

These documents were obtained through a FOIA request by journalist, Deb Coffey.

The closure of the Broken Arrow facility (aka Indian Lakes, aka Fallon),  the closed doors of long-term holding as well as the access issues at roundups are part of the First Amendment case supported by Wild Horse Education brought against The DOI and BLM by Plaintiff Laura Leigh and her attorney Gordon Cowan. Petition to the Ninth Circuit can be viewed at Mr. Cowan’s website.


RE:  Deb Coffey’s Article

BLM NEWS RELEASE 5/28/2010 regarding “BLM To Conduct Final Public Tours at Indian Lakes Wild Horse Facility”

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The 5/25/2010 e-mail from Dean Bolstad proposing to terminate Indian Lakes public tours here

The 5/25/2010 Internal Working Document “ASLM INFORMATION MEMORANDUM,” (from Dean AND John Neill)

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DOI’s cover letter to Ms. Coffey’s FOIA request

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The 3/22/2010 modification to Troy Adams’ contract regarding the tours at Indian Lakes road to take place from 1/1/2010 – 12/31/2015!

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More to Come!

copyright Laura Leigh

Died at Broken Arrow 2010 (Laura Leigh)


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