Documents: Broken Arrow

These documents were obtained through a FOIA request by journalist, Deb Coffey.

The closure of the Broken Arrow facility (aka Indian Lakes, aka Fallon),  the closed doors of long-term holding as well as the access issues at roundups are part of the First Amendment case supported by Wild Horse Education brought against

RE:  Deb Coffey’s Article

BLM NEWS RELEASE 5/28/2010 regarding “BLM To Conduct Final Public Tours at Indian Lakes Wild Horse Facility”

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The 5/25/2010 e-mail from Dean Bolstad proposing to terminate Indian Lakes public tours here

The 5/25/2010 Internal Working Document “ASLM INFORMATION MEMORANDUM,” (from Dean AND John Neill)

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DOI’s cover letter to Ms. Coffey’s FOIA request

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The 3/22/2010 modification to Troy Adams’ contract regarding the tours at Indian Lakes road to take place from 1/1/2010 – 12/31/2015!

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More to Come!

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