A Statement of Collaborative Action

Laura Leigh,  founder of Wild Horse Education

This week Wild Horse Education (WHE) founder Laura Leigh officially joined the board of the CANA Foundation in an advisory capacity. Our supporters can rest assured that Leigh has not relinquished the ongoing work of WHE. These are two distinct organizations that are working on certain projects together.

Our board, and the volunteers of WHE, are confident that the exchange of information, through the addition of Leigh to the board of CANA, will enhance opportunity to obtain the type of change our wild ones desperately need.

Click Image above to read about a feature in Downtown Magazine on CANA and the photos by WHEs Laura Leigh that accompanied the piece.

CANA Foundation is dedicated to the principles of rewilding. Rewilding is a form of environmental conservation and ecological restoration integrating species that are native to an area. CANA drives research vital to the understanding of the horse and ecosystems. In addition, CANA is active in addressing ecological policy and legislation that includes the important role played by wild horses. CANA works for our wild ones in multiple jurisdictions: public, private and tribal.

WHE holds an impressive resume that includes over a dozen successful legal actions, successful policy change, interface with government agencies on proposed management actions and an on range data base that includes trends in herd and range health.

The databases that WHE keeps, and our extensive experience on public lands, can help inform the work of CANA. The work of CANA, aimed at healing our landscapes, can enrich the work of WHE and the world our wild ones occupy.

We hope you agree that this collaborative exchange holds real hope for the future of our wild ones. We are two distinct organizations collaborating on specific projects.

You can click here to see a feature from March 2020 on the piece in Downtown Magazine featuring the work of CANA and the photography of Leigh. 


CANA Foundation was created by Manda Kalimian to rewild America’s wild horses and land to promote environmental and climate sustainability. Erin King Sweeney is the Executive Director of CANA, an attorney with over twenty years of experience and former Councilwoman in the Town of Hempstead, N.Y. One of CANA’s science advisors is Ross MacPhee Ph.D., researcher and a curator at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Serving as legal advisor to CANA is Michael Connor, partner at WitmerHale law firm and former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of the Interior.  (you can learn more about the mission of CANA and their board, click here)

Wild Horse Education (WHE) was founded by Laura Leigh . The straightforward approach of this small organization led to precedent setting legal action against abuse, unjustified removals and gained landmark First Amendment victories used today in civil rights cases nationwide. Key to the success of WHE is the dedication to field work to lay a foundation for pragmatic action that translates to the field level.

Our wild horses are an amazing part of the system of our public lands. We all must do our very best to heal the landscape and ensure the rightful place of America’s wild horses.