A Camera for Laura

THANK YOU ALL! The funds were raised and Laura will be given her gift soon! WHE still needs funds to fight for the horses… so if you want to help, just click the donate button in the menu bar!

WHE President Laura Leigh is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Laura uses an old Rebel that has been on the range in sub-zero temperatures and extreme heat. The camera has consumer grade optics and a minimal zoom and has seen “better days.”

Photo of Laura and Dean Bolstad at Broken Arrow by Cat Kindsfather

Photo of Laura and Dean Bolstad at Broken Arrow by Cat Kindsfather

Those that know Laura know that she often just “does” things without waiting until she has what she needs. The first video she shot that made CNN (The hospital pens at Broken Arrow where the foal named “Hope” was dying from hoof slough) was shot on a cell phone. The first truck she went onto public land in was a 1970 Scottsdale pickup with two wheel drive. Maybe she is crazy? Maybe she is resourceful? But whatever she is she has never hesitated to “do what needs doing.”

Cat Kindsfather has been out on the range several times with Laura. Laura has told her she wishes she had enough to get a Canon 60D with a good lens. Always frugal, the camera Laura wants is a lower price (mid-range) Digital SLR that has the capacity to take good quality photo AND video. There are many cameras out there that others take to roundups that have more “ommph,” but we all know Laura… she would rather have the funds to pay a filing fee, order court documents and put gas in the tank. Cat came up with this idea and has volunteered to get the camera and take it to Laura.

Getting Laura a better camera is something we can do for all of us fighting for the wild horses and burros. Laura’s documentation has gained the first TRO and Preliminary Injunction in history toward BLM conduct. If she can document more, we all have more to fight with!

If you would like to donate to the “gift” fund to get the camera Laura would like, you can donate through this link and you will see “special project” in item subject line. …. Link disabled to private fundraiser for a gift. It will be delivered to her in the hospital.


We would like to be able to give the to Laura after surgery.

We would like to be able to give the camera to Laura after surgery.

If you want to contribute to WHE to help keep the work going (the court cases and field work) that has always struggled on a day-to-day basis we know that would help the organization keep the projects moving and hit the ground running as roundups start again July 1. https://wildhorseeducation.org/donate/

~~~Thank you from all the WHE volunteers