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Calico Complex, NV 2009/2010

Video from Calico Laura Leigh did a 22 minute “essay” edit in video and photos from her video and work others contributed. The website and feature can be viewed here: BLM “gather […]

Calico 2012 (Tri-State Calico Complex)

calico wild horse roundup/ one stallion from Laura Leigh on Vimeo. Posts are presented newest to oldest on Calico Link of BLM “Gather Updates” from the Calico Roundup 2011/2012: Calico Complex, First […]

World Press Freedom Day

A few photos from the “million mile decade” that has created the largest library of a photojournalistic record of roundups in the world. That record was not simply used to share online, […]

Roundup Season Begins!

As the Appropriations debate rages on for fiscal year 2020, that begins October 1, BLM begins to set the end of the 2019 roundup calendar. Helicopter roundups begin each year in July […]