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Keep One, Gift One! (Holiday Gift Ideas)


Our limited edition dog tags are here! Each tag comes with a 24 inch chain and both are nestled in a reusable velveteen pouch. The black tag is etched with a white horse as an inspirational reminder of all those still free that need us to continue this fight. The bright orange tag is etched with our classic “Freedom and Justice” motto with “Never Forget!” etched below as a memorial to all of those no longer free. These tags are only available until supplies run out! This “limited edition” design will not be offered again.


Etched aluminum tags come with two 24 inch chains.

The two tags are our gift for contributions to our work over $50. All donations from now through the end of the year will put you on the list to receive our WHE Year in Review digital magazine. For “Black Friday” those that contribute $50. or more will also receive the limited edition tags. Tags will ship 4-7 days after your contributions are confirmed.

Click below to make a contribution. You will be prompted to add a mailing address. 


WHE will also send a set of limited edition tags to anyone that starts a fundraiser for Wild Horse Education through Facebook. click here>>> 

We know that a lot of people like the convenience of using their social media to show support. Just start your fundraiser and send us a link and your mailing address: Laura@WildHorseEducation.org 

Thank you! None of our work is possible without your support! 


Through Dec 4th you can also purchase WHE t-shirts and sweatshirts. Our “Freedom and Justice” motto is on the front and the preamble to the Wild Horse and Burros Act is on the back. 

Click HERE to purchase through Bonfire. 

If you shop online this holiday season you can help WHE! You can choose Wild Horse Education as your charity of choice when you shop at Amazonsmile.com , a portion of the sale will be donated to us by Amazon.

Some of our active actions at WHE:

Our teams are preparing a rebuttal to the BLM Report to Congress. The report will be key as BLM pushes sterilization, the largest removals in history and resumption of mass euthanasia.

We have active legal complaints against corruption including one against BLM chief William Perry Pendley that demonstrates conflicts on interests as he forwards the agendas of former clients against wild horses.

We have action national legal actions on CAWP (Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy). WHE is the only org in history to take BLM to court over abusive actions. Our work eventually forced the creation of a policy. Now we are fighting to hold BLM accountable. Our fight against abuse is core to our work. We are the ONLY org to ever “take it to court.”

WHE have active campaigns to preserve habitat that include working on mining reform, litigation, grazing lease retirement and continuing our work reporting, and demanding accountability, for illegal use of rangeland (trespass domestic livestock).

Our teams have had a very busy 2019 and our WHE 2019 in Review digital magazine will give you an in-depth look. All donors will be placed on the list to receive a personal copy by January 2.

Thank you for joining us in 2019 and committing to continue the fight into 2020.





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