Good-bye Old Man

Good-bye old man...

We have written so much about the Sheldon Mustangs (just type Sheldon in the search bar) trying to inform you of the issues present at the refuge. We talked about the plans […]

Wyoming, A Public Mourns

photo BLM Colin Brayly

1263 Wild horses were removed from the “checkerboard” area in Wyoming. The areas included horses in the Great Divide Basin, Adobe Town, and Salt Wells Creek. These horses lived and thrived in an area of public […]

New Newsletter, eMag

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Wild Horse Education first eMag Newsletter! A special thank you to all of those that have joined our effort to protect our beloved wild ones. Click the magazine cover below to flip through […]

Sale Authority Wild Horses at PVC

sale authority

Earlier this year we wrote an extensive piece on the distinction between “adoption” and “sale,” and the history of both. That article can be found here: Often we get requests from the […]


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