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UntitledWild Horse Education has two projects in the works! Hold Your Wild Horses! and Forsaken; The horses and burros of Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge.

Hold Your Wild Horses!

Wild Horse Educations founder Laura Leigh has an educational, made on the road, very rough cut, film project about BLM wild horse and burro management.

The project “Hold Your Wild Horses!” is in edit and posted here in it’s rough form.┬áThe Final edit that includes Part 3, Moving Forward, is in final edit and the 90┬ápiece will be available soon! The final “Hold Your Wild Horses!” will also include WHE’s fight for access, for a humane handling policy and against unjustified removals. It has been a long road!

Few of the issues in the videos below have changed. The new edit (out soon) will address those changes and all the work to be done to preserve and protect our wild ones into a future free on the range.

Originally posted in a rough form for donors, each video has a preface thanking donors for participation. Yet we have decided to post the rough for educational purposes. There are two more sections in edit and then the project will be condensed to run 90 minutes. (So skip the first few minutes of each video as they are a message to donors at that time)

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Hold Your Wild Horses! how did it get so bad? from Laura Leigh on Vimeo.

Hold Your Wild Horses! The Horses Journey from Laura Leigh on Vimeo.

Forsaken; The horses and burros of Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge.

This project has just begun in fall of 2013 as an attempt to preserve the legacy of America’s War Horse as they disappear from the range forever. By fall of 2014 there will be no herds of Sheldon horses left on the range. A book titled “Run!” is in edit and will be posted when you can order your copy!


WHE has a long track record of being “front line” for our wild horses!

Help keep us in the fight!